Cinnamon and Honey to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Cinnamon and honey are both great natural nutrients that, when combined, can help to relieve some of the pain associated with arthritis
Cinnamon and Honey to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Cinnamon and honey both have wonderful benefits for our bodies. And, consequently, if you use them together, they create a powerful mixture. A mixture which has properties which can relieve arthritis pain and other symptoms. People have used this homemade remedy for many years in natural medicine to treat different diseases, especially inflammatory ones.

Cinnamon and its power to relieve arthritis pain

Among its components, cinnamon has volatile oils like cinnamaldehyde, melatonin, and coumarin. These have thermal effects on the body, and is precisely why they give you calming properties for pain. You should apply the topical kind to the affected part.

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Honey for relieving arthritis pain

In regards to honey, this is an ingredient that people have known about for centuries. It is well known to have excellent benefits for your health.

Its chemical composition is very complex. It’s so complex that even nowadays science continues to discover components that make it more beneficial for your health. This is why experts consider it to be one of the most complete natural medicines found in nature. You can use it for topical applications as well as in drinks.

Thanks to its amazing anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is very useful for treating skin wounds and burns.

Man suffering with arthritis pain

How should I consume honey and cinnamon to relieve arthritis pain?

Because of all these properties, natural medicine recommends consuming a combination of cinnamon and honey both internally and externally. You can use it to treat cases of arthritis that are very painful because of the inflammation it produces.

Firstly, for internal consumption, you should prepare a cinnamon infusion, and let it sit. Later, add the honey to it, which can be between one and two tablespoons. This treatment should be controlled for people with diabetes.

For topical treatments, you can use warm cinnamon water with a little bit of honey. You can prepare compresses with it, and use them for the affected areas. Studies carried out in Copenhagen, Denmark are the basis for this treatment. In these research, they clearly showed the positive effects of cinnamon and honey for the treatment of many conditions. Especially for calming the painful symptoms that arthritis produces.


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