Best Exercises to Increase Your Glutes

· January 21, 2015

Just a few simple exercises can help tone and increase muscle mass in your glutes to make them look fuller.  And you don’t always need to be at home or at the gym; you can do a few of these while doing your other daily activities.

In this article, we are going to explain step by step, exercises to increase your glutes that you can do every day, without any complications and without needing to dedicate a lot of time.  They will also prevent your glutes from losing their firmness.

Warm-up: walking

Before doing any sort of exercise, it’s best to gently warm up your muscles.  The easiest way to do so is by speed walking for five or ten minutes, which helps activate circulation.

walking-Let-ideas-CompeteJump rope

Jumping rope is one of the most complete exercises around, and it helps firm the glutes and hips.  It can also be used as a warm-up and at the beginning of a series of exercises.  You need to start with just a few jumps and then increase slowly each day.  Make sure that you don’t jump too high, but just high enough to let the rope pass underneath.  Do this while just supporting yourself on the tips of your toes.

Climbing stairs

This exercise is available to everyone!  And it is one way that busy people can exercise throughout the day.  Forget about the elevator and always choose to take the stairs.  Slowly increase the amount of stairs walk up each day.  You should always try to go up and down, because each movement works different muscles.

While waiting, standing up

Another exercise that you could do throughout the day consists of taking advantage of every moment you are standing, waiting; at the stoplight, at the elevator, standing in line, etc.  Stand up nice and straight with your weight spread evenly throughout both legs.  Slowly tense and release each glute.

Those famous squats

Squats are one of the best exercises out there to increase your glutes. It also help work the hips and thighs.

Spread your legs hip width apart, and bend at the knees as if your were going to sit down.  Make sure to always keep your back straight, and never bring your knees past your toes.  While doing this exercise, hold your arms out in front.  Slowly raise your body, and relax your arms.

You can also do this exercise against the wall to support your back, keeping it straight, while moving downwards.  In this case, keep your feet a certain distance from the wall.

Start with 15 squats and increase by 5 each day.

All fours

This is a very potent exercise, and you will soon notice your glutes hardening.

Position yourself on all fours.  We recommend placing a mat or something soft under your knees to prevent any discomforts.  Position yourself with your back straight, horizontally, and your abdomen nice and tight.  Keep your arms straight, vertically.  Another option would be to support your elbows on the floor if your arms or back hurt.

Lift one leg up behind you, nice and straight, and raise and lower it without touching the ground.  Repeat with the other leg.

Afterwards, you can complete this same exercise, but with your knee bent at a right angle, raising and lowering it again.


In order to perform this exercise, lay down on your back with your legs spread, knees bent hip width apart.  Stretch your arms down beside you.  Slowly lift your body from the ground, tightly squeezing your abdomen muscles and glutes, so you don’t hurt yourself.  Lift as high as possible.  Then slowly lower down and let your back rest on the ground.  This exercise is not recommended for people that suffer from spinal curvature (where the spinal column bends forward).


During the weekend, or even if you can move around daily by bike, do not forget this option.  It is a great way of toning the glutes and the legs in general.

become an athletePhotos courtesy of ponte 1112 and Let ideas Compete