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Michelle Torres


Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Michelle Torres has working experience in musculoskeletal, sports and neurological physiotherapy in which she seeks to help the patient in their rehabilitation process. She also works as a disseminator through writing and the editing of content related to health.

About the author

Graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy in 2014 from the Central University of Venezuela. This health professional also has higher studies in Orthopedic Manual Therapy and Myofascial Relaxation, both completed in 2016, at the A VEPANE University Institute .

In addition, she has the 2019 Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist certification issued by the FEDA . Her work experience has been both in the public sector of her native country, Venezuela, and in the private field, where she worked as a self-employed physiotherapist. She stands out for being a professional specialized in movement and exercise as a treatment.

She has been able to combine praxis as a health professional with the activity of writing optimized content on exercise and health topics in general, for different web pages, among which Mejor con Salud stands out.

This passionate wellness practice is based on evidence and pain science, with the ultimate goal of empowering the public to take control of their health through education.

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