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Julieth Andrea Quiroga Torres


She graduated in Social Communication and Journalism from the Sergio Arboleda University in Bogotá. In addition, she is pursuing studies in social responsibility at the Externado de Colombia University and a course on Creative Writing: The craft of the plot at the Wesleyana University.

About the author

In 2018, she graduated as a social communicator and journalist from the Sergio Arboleda University, in Bogotá, Colombia. She is currently studying social responsibility at the Universidad Externado de Colombia and the Creative Writing: The craft of the plot course at the Universidad Wesleyana.

She has more than two years of experience in content creation, corporate communications management, writing journalistic notes and articles, and designing graphical articles. She has worked as a copywriter on different websites and online stores in Colombia and the United States.

She has worked as a web content writer on health, wellness, lifestyle, and finance topics focused on marketing. Before obtaining her professional degree, she collaborated as a cultural journalist for Emisora Mariana for more than a year and was the producer of the investigation project Ruta 85.

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