8 Possible Signs that a Man is Cheating on You

· October 29, 2014

As we all know, there is generally no shortage of relationship problems, and most often, these situations are not easily resolved; even though for that very same reason we try not to see what’s happening to us, or how we are failing, making our relationship not function the way it should.  When you start to notice that something is off, however, is when you should start to worry, primarily because the majority of these problems take place due to a lack of communication between the couple, or for a lack of intimacy.

Knowing whether or not a man is cheating on you could be very easy in you know certain warning signs that their intentions give away.  These factors, however, are not entirely determining factors for passing judgement, however.  We are going to share with you a few of these signs which could indicate that something is up.

Signs that something is wrong with your man

He begins to worry about his physical appearance more

If this is something he normally didn’t do, like:

  • Going to the beauty salon more frequently.
  • Changing his wardrobe because his clothes are old, and he wants to be fashionable.
  • Buying costly clothes.
  • When he starts a diet because he thinks he’s fat – even though he really isn’t.
  • He starts doing some sort of physical activity, like jogging or going to the gym.

He frequently mentions a special individual

CoupleEspecially when this is a co-worker, a friend, or someone he hasn’t seen in a long time, among others.  It could be that he isn’t unfaithful yet, but it starts somewhere.  It could also be that he wants to tell you beforehand so that if someone saw them talking, they don’t run and tell someone else what was going on.  It could be that he doesn’t want you to suspect anything if someone comes to your house or if you see them talking.

Be careful with the phone!

The phone is a big ally for checking to see what is going on.  It could contain calls, voice mails, text messages, and more.  You should worry is you notice that they seem strange when they answer the phone, if they answer with a short voice, if they step out to take the call, if they lie about whom they were talking to and the purpose of the call, if they get nervous or immediately erase conversations, if they call or message when they never did beforehand.

Keep and eye on perfumes!

Couple2If he gets home with a woman’s perfume on him and if he create a thousand excuses when you ask him where he’s been: No, a salesperson at a perfume shop rubbed lotion on me! – A few friends were playing a joke on me! – I said hi to a woman that used too much perfume! – and more…In this case, it’s best not to even ask him why he smells the way he does, because he will definitely find even more excuses.

Makeup on his clothes

There’s makeup on his clothes, be it a powder, lipstick, dark marks that could be from mascara or eyeliner, red or pink stains, and more.

And sexual relations?

Sexual relations tend to usually decrease, although not suddenly.  Ever since they begin to fall for someone else, these levels decrease, and it is not longer like it was before, nor with the same intensity that there used to be.

Made up outings or hours worked

He invents outings to areas that he never went to or he says he stayed longer at work because he had to put in a few extra hours.  Or, he went to visit a sick friend, because unfaithfulness don’t always take place at night.  They are most common during lunch time or during the afternoon.

And that gift?

Dangerous relationshipsIf he brings you unexpected gifts like flowers, pricey jewelry or some other thing that is important to you, and he also gives it to you looking so in love with you.  In the majority of cases this is because he feels guilty and he wants to make it up to you with something, which is something he never used to do, and much less at such unexpected and non-special times.  90% of men try to fix this with details.