7 Recommendations to Care for Aging Hands

November 2, 2018
Applying creams through massages, as well as using sunscreen, are fundamental to care for your hands as they age and prevent signs of premature aging.

Your hands should be considered one of the main parts of your body when it comes to care. It’s important to be constantly taking care of your aging hands. This way, your skin and joints in your hands also feel the effects of aging and certain regular activities.

In reality, there are many ways to look after the health of your hands. Aesthetic treatments are very effective and vary on price and application technique.

Today, we’d like to offer you a list of some incredible treatments that the cosmetic industry offers. We’ll also show you some tricks or habits that you can include in your everyday routine. This way, you can delay aging in your hands a little bit.

Aesthetic Treatments for Aging Hands

A good option is always to consult a dermatologist or an expert about taking care of your hands. Through a series of medical tests, you can determine what treatment is best for you, depending on your skin type and your health.

aging hands


This treatment is usually applied to hands that suffer from dryness, whose expression lines are very defined and require sufficient hydration. People that suffer from arthrosis are the ones that normally need this type of treatment.

  • It consists of applying homeopathic medications with chemical compounds and complex vitamins that revitalize the tissues in your skin and deeply hydrate it.
  • This way, it stimulates the collagen production so that your skin looks brighter and recovers its elasticity.

Chemical Peels

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This process exfoliates your hands through the application of a medical treatment with specialized chemicals.

Peels ideal for hands that have spots and wrinklesWith time, your skin will get its smooth and youthful effect back and you’ll notice that in the results.

Medical Fillers

In this case, the treatment is especially indicated for hands that have suffered a considerable loss of density. Therefore, it makes them almost transparent, making your veins look thicker.

  • It’s applied under topical or local anesthesia, then through implanting polylactic acid or hyaluronic acid
  • The results you can obtain are incredible since your skin recovers its density considerably.

Other Recommendations to Rejuvenate Your Hands

The following recommendations are good habits that you should have in your daily routine to maintain good hand health. They’re quite simple and only require a little bit of commitment on your part.

Massages Before Bed

While you’re asleep, your body adopts a state of relaxation where your cells regenerate and absorb nutrients. Therefore, we recommend that you do some massages with creams that contain natural oils or a tea so that you absorb them well.

  • Massage your hands with gentle circular movements.

Protect Your Hands

The temperature of your environment is one of the factors that affects the state of your hands the most. Get used to protecting your hands in the heat with moisturizers like how you protect them from the cold. Wearing sunscreen before going out and exposing yourself to solar rays is very important.

Use Good Soap and Don’t Clean Your Hands Too Much

This is an activity that you do every day. Using soap that adapts to your skin’s condition is key.

It’s important that you use those that have natural ingredients, like flower oils, aloe vera, honey, shea butter or oatmeal, among others.

Finally, although maintaining your hygiene is vital, avoiding washing your hands too much is what matters. Just like changes in the weather, excess hand washing can also weaken the skin on your hands and make it less smooth.

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