7 Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

Even if they're surrounded by toxic personalities, mentally strong people are self-confident, so they're able to neutralize them and make sure their attitudes don't affect them.
7 Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

Last update: 13 June, 2021

We always hear phrases about mentally strong people. But what really characterizes them?

We can’t know for sure how mentally strong the people we meet are to begin with. However, these people may have in common certain characteristics that make them mentally stronger than most.

In this article, we’ll describe some of the characteristics that strong people may have in common.

The Characteristics of Mentally Strong People 

Not everyone is prepared to take responsibility in life, overcome obstacles and fight for their goals. Strong-minded people are those who resist taking paths they don’t want to take, regardless of the multiple stimuli that tempt them.

This way of thinking can be very positive when it comes to achieving goals and advancing professionally. But don’t worry, character can also be learned. Here are 7 characteristics of mentally strong people that you could develop yourself.

1. They know how to say “no”

The word “no” has a lot of negative connotations, and a lot of people have such a hard time saying no to favors or requests that people make of them.

However, mentally strong people know that refusing to do something that goes against their principles and desires doesn’t make them bad people. So, learn to value your opinions and to say no.

Two woman having a conversation.

2. They recognize that failure is the path to success

Mentally strong people know that in order to walk, you first must fall, stumble, and crawl. Every obstacle that life throws at us is a new opportunity to accumulate experience.

Strong-minded people are characterized by learning from their mistakes, without considering them failures. They know that persistence will lead them to success. So, be full of optimism!

3. They know that they’re responsible for their own happiness

Letting your happiness depend on someone else is very dangerous. To have a strong mind is to believe that we’re capable of being happy on your own, even if romantic relationships or fun with friends may enrich this feeling.

Loneliness can also be a state of happiness, enjoy yourself and you will learn to enjoy others even more.

4. They’re not afraid of fear

There are a lot of things we’re afraid of. We’re afraid of failure, abandonment, being alone, embarrassment, rejection. Only because we lack the courage to face our fears. If we strengthen our character, we’ll understand how to overcome these fears. This will make us better people.

5. They’re emotionally intelligent

A woman taking another woman's hands in hers, empathetically.

Emotionally intelligent people know how to externalize their emotions in a healthy and satisfying way. Most of us don’t recognize our emotions or those of others easily. Emotional intelligence makes us more empathetic people, with a great capacity for observation and the ability to motivate others.

6. They neutralize toxic people

The individuals we call toxic usually have a negative influence on our mood, either because they’re depressive, moody or as many like to say, they absorb our energy. However, mentally strong people won’t allow these people to affect them. Learn how to neutralize them!

7. Their changes are positive

A woman sitting on the edge of a river, smiling thoughtfully.

Fear of change is like a barrier that keeps us from moving forward in life. Mentally strong people know that stepping out of their comfort zone can bring out the best in them. A new job, a new relationship, a trip abroad, can be the chance to become a more capable individual.

Are you a mentally strong person? Would you like to be? The above characteristics are just a few that you can reflect on to start changing your life today. Of course, these characteristics are only an approximation of what might be considered the characteristics of mentally strong people.

The truth is that there’s no exact definition of mental toughness, and you yourself may have other characteristics that make you mentally strong. Either way, what’s certain is that you need to believe in yourself to bring out that inner strength.

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