4 Reasons to Eat Raisins in the Morning

23 December, 2019
Raisins can be a great way to sweeten your bowl of oatmeal in the morning, and can give you that all important burst of energy to start the day.

Raisins are a common ingredient in pastries, cakes and confectionery. However, you can also add them to other recipes, including sweet and sour chicken with rice; yogurt and cereal, and quinoa and vegetables. Needless to say, they’re a really versatile ingredient.

You can also use them to give your meals that extra touch of sweetness, without resorting to sugar or sweeteners. And if that weren’t enough, you can even eat them as a tasty treat.

Reasons to eat raisins

According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, raisins are rich in carbohydrates and fiber, and also contain a good amount of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iron.

Experts from Spanish Nutrition Foundation have also stated that there are approximately 256 kilocalories in every 3.5 oz of raisins. This high calorific content is due to the fact that their water content is reduced during the drying process.

They also contain potassium, niacin and provitamin A, substances which are essential for the body to function properly.


1. They give you energy

A jar of raisins

Their sweetness and high nutritional content means that raisins can help to give you that energy boost you need to start the day.

  • Because they contain niacin, eating raisins on a regular basis can help promote heart health.
  • Their high iron content means that many people believe they can help to prevent anemia, as long as they are eaten as part of a healthy balanced diet.
  • They also contain magnesium, a mineral essential for bone and muscle health.

NB: raisins are very rich in carbohydrates. As such, experts recommend eating them in the mornings, or after exercising. This will help you avoid the classic mid-morning slump, and can even be a good substitute for coffee.

2. They can help to improve bowel function


Because they’re rich in fiber, raisins can help to regulate bowel function, and in turn, prevent constipation. Combine them with small pieces of fruit (such as apple), and you could enjoy improved intestinal health.

3. They’re good for bone health

You’ll be pleased to know that raisins, as well as dried figs, contain a high amount of calcium. If you add a handful of raisins to your natural sugar free yogurt, you’ll be able to boost your calcium intake, and take better care of your bone health.

  • Plus, dried fruits are one of the best sources of boron, a micronutrient that’s essential for your diet. Boron is vital for proper bone formation and health, and can help promote calcium absorption in the body.
  • On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, this dried fruit also contains a good amount of potassium. Potassium is another essential nutrient, which can help combat osteoporosis and joint degeneration associated with ageing.

4. They can help combat hypertension

Raisins could help to reduce arterial pressure and help promote heart health.

  • It’s important to understand that raisins contain glucose. As such, the key to making the most of all the benefits they have to offer is to eat small amounts on a regular basis.
  • If, for example, you eat a handful of raisins every day (approximately 1 oz), you’ll benefit from the high potassium content, which is great for reducing vascular tension and regulating arterial pressure.
  • Similarly, the dietary fiber in raisins will help to regulate the biochemistry of your blood vessels, causing them to become less rigid.


Raisins can be a great snack option on a daily basis, but you don’t just need to limit yourself to them. It’s best to maintain a balanced and varied diet so that you don’t get bored. At the same time, make sure you give your body everything it needs to be happy, active and ready to face the day.