6 Natural Oils to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

· January 20, 2017
To obtain the best results it is fundamental that we look for high-quality natural oils, and in whatever measure possible, that we opt for organic oils.

Having a long, full head of hair is many people’s dream. The problem is presented when the hair does not grow enough or becomes thin, weak, and lifeless.

There are many factors that can damage your hair. Among the most common we can find:

  • Bad nutrition
  • Stress
  • Bad blood circulation
  • Lack of oxygenation
  • Obstruction of the hair’s pores and capillaries

If you have dwindled your savings on costly commercial treatments and have not seen results, we have good news for you: there’s a way to improve your hair quality by applying natural oils.

6 natural oils that favor hair growth

  1. Coconut oil


One of the most-used natural oils for hair is coconut oil. Its properties are known from antiquity, when it was used to clean, protect and nourish hair.

Its chemical composition nourishes the capillary cell membrane.

This allows the coconut oil to help avoid protein loss and replace natural oils that are lost in the daily exposure to toxins and frequent bathing.

  1. Olive oil


Olive oil is another of the treasures that bring many benefits when used in the hair.

Its hormone dihydrotesterone (DHT) reduces the hair follicle, which helps prevent balding in men.

Being an oil loaded with antioxidants, it promotes normal hair growth, frees the skin of free radicals, and provides nutrients to hair follicles and to the scalp.

  1. Castor oil


Castor oil is utilized as a natural laxative. Nevertheless, it is also very effective for treating hair loss.

  • This oil is rich in ricinoleic acid and Omega-9 fatty acids.
  • Ricinoleic acid stimulates hair growth and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that protect the scalp from infections.
  • As for the Omega-9 fatty acids, thanks to their great moisturizing ability, they hydrate and nourish the hair, leaving it thick, strong, and shiny.
  1. Lavender oil


Lavender oil is very well known for its aroma, which serves to treat stress, distress, and insomnia.

However, it is also a potent treatment for Alopecia Areata. Lavender oil’s properties, when used regularly, considerably help in the growth of hair.

This oil is an equally powerful antiseptic. Its disinfecting properties serve to treat scalp infections and to fight fungi, microbes, and viruses.

  1. Almond oil


Almond oil has a great ability to protect and hydrate the hair. Although it is not known for its properties for making hair grow, it does protect and stimulate the growth of hair follicles. This makes them grow back stronger and be less susceptible to tears.

A hair massage with almond oil eliminates the accumulation of dead cells and cools the scalp (reduces swelling).

At the same time, almond oil is very effective for treating seborrheic dermatitis.

However, people with nut allergies should be careful if using it, for it might produce an allergic reaction on the skin.

  1. Rosemary oil


Rosemary oil has excellent properties that help hair growth.

It helps to dilate blood vessels and stimulates cellular division, which activates hair follicles so that new hairs can grow.  

Its disinfecting properties help fight bacteria and other organisms that can harm the scalp as much as the hair itself.

Plus, it is also said that this oil prevents hair loss and the appearance of gray hairs, helps eradicate dandruff, and hydrates dry, flaky scalps.

How does one use these oils in order to take advantage of all their properties?

The way to use them is:

  • Massage your scalp with the oil of your preference for 10 minutes.
  • After the indicated time has passed, wash as usual.
  • For a more intense treatment, we will combine several natural oils and proceed in the same way.

Remember, if you’re consistent, you will get magnificent results.

You will achieve not just hair growth, but you will be able to avoid common scalp issues, and it will look spectacular!