5 Traits of Assertive People

· November 14, 2016

Assertive people enjoy many benefits, as they’re able to correctly express their opinions as well as defend their point of view.

However, the most important thing is that they always respect the rights of other people when they do these things.

And guess what? Assertive people also know how to express their feelings and emotions, which is something many people have difficulty with.

In today’s article we’re going to talk about the 5 most important traits that assertive people generally share.

Do you have any of them?

1. Assertive people are confident

personas asertivas

As we grow older we tend to lose our self-confidenceHowever, we can always get it back, but this requires a lot of effort.

If you’re an assertive person then you’ve already overcome this challenge. This is because you already know yourself well and recognize that you don’t need to be afraid of showing who you really are.

In contrast, insecure people always use a shell or armor to protect themselves. This causes them to always be defensive, and makes them miss several opportunities that life offers them.

In sum, assertive people know that they should have confidence in themselves to get the most out of life.

2. They respect other people’s opinion’s

Assertive people know how to respect other people’s opinions when expressing their own, even if they don’t agree with those opinions. They know that different points of view help people grow, and this is something that should always be respected.

This trait allows assertive people to validate other people’s emotions. In other words, it allows assertive people to learn how to accept other people’s emotions and to learn about the different circumstances that could lead an individual to act in a certain way.

The truth is that everyone has their bad days. Therefore, accepting and understanding this can notably improve interpersonal relationships.

3. Assertive people listen actively


When we mention the verb “listen” you may think we’re talking about something simple that everyone knows how to do. However, the truth is that few people know how to really listen, that is, to listen actively.

How do you listen actively? Well, you have to do more than just pay attention to the words coming out of the other person’s mouth. In fact, you also have to listen to how the person feels and what they are expressing emotionally.

If you do this, you can tackle any type of conflict that may arise between you and another person in a much calmer way.

Listening will free you from anxiety and stress, that you may experience first of all when a confrontation arises. Moreover, this trait will also allow you to control your emotions more effectively.

4. They choose their friends

This may seem like a trivial point, but many of us don’t pick who we’re friends with. Instead, we let other people choose us as friends. Assertive people know that this isn’t the correct way to make friends. This is why they choose the people who they want by their side.

Furthermore, this is also why assertive people are great at dealing with all the toxic people that try to fill their lives with negative emotions. They know how to counter toxic people’s negativity and how to escape from them.

In short, assertive people choose their friends and don’t just settle for those who choose them as friends.

5. They unconditionally accept themselves


One of the greatest traits that assertive people have is that they don’t care what everyone else thinks about them. This allows them to accept themselves as they are, with all their faults and virtues, which improves their self-confidence .

Furthermore, accepting ourselves unconditionally also allows us to know our limitations, but this doesn’t mean we limit ourselves.

Assertive people also know how to fight against obstacles with all their might to get the best outcome possible, in order to achieve their dreams.

Do you have any of these traits? As you will have noticed, many of them tackle the baseless fears that we have, which stop us from coming out of our shell and believing in ourselves.

Our comfort zone, our insecurities and other related things can all limit us, but they don’t limit assertive people.

Do you think these types of people were born with this confidence? Do you think that they always believe in themselves? No. In fact, they were once in your position.

However, they became assertive by putting in a lot of effort and having a willing attitude, and this allowed them to become better people.