5 Things You May Be Doing Today That You’ll Regret in a Few Years

· June 5, 2017
You don't need to be in the office all day. Stop overexerting yourself. You'll regret it if you don't learn to enjoy life from today onwards.

We live a modern lifestyle that causes us not to be aware of how important it is to enjoy the present.

However, there are certain things we’re missing out on that we’ll regret sooner or later.

If don’t give things or the people in your life the importance that they deserve today, then you think you’ll have time for it tomorrow.

But what if tomorrow never came?

1. Stop neglecting your relationships


You have so much work and so many things to do that you postpone meetings and dinners with your friends who make you happy. You feel that you should give priority to your responsibilities.

However, neglecting your friends will cause the relationship to fizzle out.  Then, when you want to save the friendship, there may be nothing to salvage.

This may cause your social circle to get smaller over the years. Then, tomorrow you’ll realize that you no longer have true friends by your side.

The same thing happens in relationships. Giving up can make you regret things tomorrow. This is because  you always realize what you let slip through your fingers in hindsight.

Before you throw in the towel, do your best. Sometimes it is not in our hands for a relationship to go forward, for that requires four hands.

However, you will feel better and more satisfied if you do your best for it.

2. Living to work and working to live


Neglecting your relationships, your family, and sacrificing your free time for work is a serious mistake. In the end, you’ll find yourself in a constant spiral of stress.

It’s very important to disconnect and have time for yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to relax and stop thinking about work for a few hours or a few days.

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There are many people who don’t know the difference between living to work and working to live. These two elements must be in balance.

You don’t need to be in the office all day. Stop overexerting yourself. You’ll regret it if you don’t learn to enjoy life from today onwards.

3. Stop being scared

What do you want to do? How far do you want to go? Fear doesn’t allow us to achieve the goals we set and makes us take steps backward.

It’s time for you to see fear in a different way, such as a challenge you must face to come out victorious.

If you constantly let yourself be controlled by it, what are you achieving?

Tomorrow, you’ll regret it because you’ll realize that it wasn’t worth submitting to the fears that were destroying you.

4. Forget about embarrassment and say what you feel


We’re often very embarrassed to say what we truly feel to the people we love. We assume that we know what they’re thinking or how they’ll react, and that stops us from saying what we want to say.

However, we often feel that we’re overwhelming them and we try to calm ourselves down based on the negative thoughts we take refuge in.

But have you ever regretted not having said “I love you” to the person you loved?

Seeing the situation a few years later creates another type of perspective. It’s a more realistic point of view that gets rid of all those concerns that you had at the time.

You have nothing to lose when you open your heart to someone and say what you really feel.

No one knows how the other person will react. Maybe their response will surprise you…

5. Look after your health


Today you’re young, so consuming things in excess doesn’t bother you. Junk food, alcohol, lack of exercise, you name it. What does it matter now?

Even though you visibly stay healthy, as time goes by, everything you do will have consequences.

Remember that your body is like your skin: it has a memory.

If you don’t take care of yourself now, when will you do it? Tomorrow? Next year?

Intentions only make sense if they’re acted upon from now on, in the present. If not, they will end up becoming a failed goal.

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The years pass by quickly. You’ll end up regretting everything that you failed to do because of a lack of willpower when you least expect it.

The present is what matters. Tomorrow, you’ll regret everything you postponed today.