For All the Hugs that Have Healed Me, For All the People I Have Loved

· October 12, 2016
Although you can receive hugs from anyone, the truth is that the only ones that truly “heal” are given and received by your loved ones.

Hugs are believed to be a universal form of affection that symbolize sincerity and caring.

There are hugs that heal, repairing a broken soul and putting broken pieces back together.

There also hugs that remind us that we have people in our lives who care about us.

Experts on emotions say that we all need at least three to four hugs per day. In order to really heal you, however, it’s essential that you share them with someone with whom you are intimately connected with.

Hugging to heal doesn’t work if it’s with just anyone. It won’t work with strangers or colleagues with whom you don’t get along with.

When you are suffering, when your heart demands relief and support, the best hugs come from your family, your partner and your children.

Displays of affection are the best medicine, no matter what the gesture. They’re able to ease your fears and insecurities, and they can even prevent depression.

Hugs, in particular, have the overwhelming ability to “bind you” to what’s really important: love.

The hugs from everyone you have loved

Your heart has loved many times. In fact, even if you think that you’re weary and feel that you have emotional scars that will never heal, you actually still have a great capacity for love within you.

You never know what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps, when you least expect it, you find yourself in a meaningful and fulfilling relationship that balances you. Suddenly, your reality will take on a new and wonderful feeling. 

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Maybe tomorrow your family will grow. You’ll have more children, nephews and nieces or even your first grandchild.

Your heart will continue to grow, continue to love and with every beat you will gradually begin to heal. Because there’s nothing like sincere affection to ease your pain and anguish.

There’s nothing like a smile to erase a gray and stormy day.


If you love someone, hug them

Many people don’t how to respond to hugs because they have neglected to do for so long that it has become abnormal to do so.

  • If you love, give hugs. Hugs are the language where no words are needed, where time stands still and your breathing marks the rhythm.
  • The world stops bothering you with its noise, and even the chaos in your mind – where doubts dance with fears – suddenly vanishes and you are carried away exclusively by that embrace.
  • Start the good habit of embracing your loved ones.

If your partner doesn’t do it, make it a point to practice this healthy exercise with them. If your children are grown up, take them by surprise and give them a hug, because no one is too old for a dose of affection.

Hugs are a universal display of affection

It’s interesting to learn how all of the world’s languages have interpreted this concept of love. Sometimes some really exceptional and unique aspects are added, making it nearly impossible to translate into our own language.

For example, in Hindi, one of the languages of India, when a pair of lovers are separated it is said that their souls carry the “viraha.” This basically refers to the distance that does not break or become blurry, but which keeps special passion within.

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As you can see, this long explanation is contained within a beautiful word. There are many other examples, and hugs and the art of hugging remain central to them.

Because in every culture, in every country of the world, this act is considered to be vital in preserving love, showing it, and therefore healing.


  • Cwth, in Welsh, symbolizes the intense and passionate embrace that only the one you love can offer.
  • Naz, in Urdu, expresses the satisfied and intense pride that you feel when you are loved, when you embrace someone and you have the full assurance that you’re very important to them.

These are magical words that show us beyond a doubt, once again, the power of love and the importance of sharing those gestures that express it and make it stronger: hugs, kisses, caresses….