5 Signs Your Relationship Has Come To An End

October 29, 2018
If you’ve reached the point that you don’t love your partner anymore and you can’t tolerate certain habits or actions, it’s best to end the relationship and avoid prolonging the suffering.

In every relationship there’s a beginning and an end, although the latter is something we would usually prefer to avoid. Nevertheless, no matter how hard you try to deny it, there may come a time when you truly have to close the door. Do you know how to tell when your relationship has come to an end?

It’s not easy to determine when it’s time to end things, when you’ve gone as far as you can go together. It can be extremely difficult because you’re afraid. Still, sometimes it’s for the best.

That’s why it’s important to be able to recognize the signs that there’s no turning back.

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Sings your relationship has come to an end

Every breakup is difficult, but sometimes they’re necessary. It’s better to get through this difficult time than to drag out a relationship that truly isn’t working.

Today we want to share five signs that will help you see that it’s time to end a relationship that is no longer moving forward.

A painting of a couple1. Without love, there’s no relationship

Over time, love can sometimes wear thin or disappear. This should make you evaluate your situation because the truth is there’s no such thing as a loveless relationship. Don’t beat yourself up over this; in fact, it’s very common.

Sometimes the routine or simply getting past the initial phases of infatuation can cause you to see the person you once loved with fresh eyes. Now you can see everything more clearly, and unfortunately you’ve become aware of the fact that love is gone.

It’s time to end the relationship.

2. Trust is key

All kinds of relationships, but particularly the romantic variety, are based on trust. Without trust, it’s impossible for you to establish a healthy bond because you don’t have faith in the person sleeping next to you at night.

If your relationship is based on lies, mistrust, jealousy, or infidelity…this can destabilize it to the point that you begin to believe the relationship has come to an end.

In addition, the damage that’s already been done will make you suffer more than you should.

3. There’s no longer a mutual bond

Sometimes you might not be aware that you’re no longer in a real relationship. You might think it’s something that can function on its own and ignore the fact that it’s a tremendous amount of effort and true hard work.

Woman touching her hear
If only one person is putting their interest into the relationship it can cause them to become bitter. Resentment can appear making it even harder to maintain the bond.

If you see that you’re not working any longer and aren’t willing to give 100%, it’s time to end things.

4. Before, you were attracted, now you can’t stand them

During the infatuation phase it’s easy to feel so happy and lucky that you only see the positive, good things in your partner. As time passes, this can change, causing everything that once attracted you to suddenly becomes unbearable.

This can confuse your partner because they may have gone a long time without changing their habits that now make your hair stand on end, and yet you never complained before.

The problem is that now you have to deal with it, but you feel like you can’t. You’ve reached an impasse.

5. Irreconcilable differences

When two people decide to join their lives, they need to share a vision of the world, have similar goals, a life in common and similar values. What if some of those things start to change?

People can and do change, and that includes their perceptions of the world and the things around them. The problem is that this can cause you to stray away from the path of your partner, leading to problems.

It’s time you reevaluate the relationship.

Man walking away when the relationship has come to an end
Breaking up is a painful, powerful thing because when you start out any relationship it’s supposedly for life. But if the time has truly come, it’s best to end it rather than to be foolish, holding on until it collapses under its own weight.

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It’s important that you know how to face reality, act like an adult, and identify these signs that your relationship has come to an end. It’s a natural process, something that happens often, so don’t resist it any longer than you should.

Sometimes it’s best to move on.