4 Tips to Smooth and Lift Sagging Cheeks

While our genetic heredity mostly determines the appearance of our face, good eating habits and some specific care can do wonders.

Have you noticed that your cheeks are getting a little flabby? With a slight lack of firmness, perhaps? Don’t worry, here are a few simple and inexpensive remedies to mitigate this effect and make you feel more attractive. Find out what they are below.

Tips to smooth and lift sagging cheeks


Over time, as you know, small changes slowly chisel away and begin to alter our appearance. This is a natural occurrence that we have to learn to accept. Although we can always fight the effects of aging with home remedies and beauty treatments, they will not prevent all signs of aging – i.e. we won’t obtain a twenty-year-old’s face when we are fifty years-old. But we can remain attractive and keep seeing ourselves looking good in the mirror. That’s what matters.

Our genetic inheritance, weight changes and good or bad nutrition will influence for example whether our cheeks sag more or less. But we can help them – we can mitigate the effects with simple remedies. Take note:

1. Facial Exercises


Just as we exercise to tighten out buttocks or abdomen, we can do the same with our cheeks. Your cheeks continue to have muscle, and therefore you can bolster them and correct their sagging. This is therefore a remedy that is worth pursuing. And how do you do it? It’s very easy, stand in front of the mirror and make a very exaggerated and marked smile for about ten seconds, then rest and repeat 5 times. Then fill your inner cheeks full of air, as if you were inflating a balloon. Again, do this for 10 seconds, relax, then repeat five more times. Finally, with both hands, massage in a circle motion just above your cheekbones for 2 minutes, then go a bit further down in the middle of the cheek, where you can feel your teeth. See how easy it is? Repeat the procedure twice a day.

2. Avocado and honey mask


This remedy is well known and really easy to do. You already know that avocado is firming and moisturizing. It helps you get a more toned and moisturized skin by nourishing it, thus avoiding the appearance of wrinkles and enabling the muscles to obtain good nutrition. You just have to obtain half of the avocado pulp and add two tablespoons of honey. Mix everything well and apply this cream to your cheeks for 15 minutes. It is ideal to do this just before bedtime, and after the mask has been on for 15 minutes, rinse it off with warm water. It’s just right.

3. Mask of yogurt and aloe vera


This is a very nutritious technique and used by many women. Plain yogurt combined with aloe vera acts as an excellent firming cream and is therefore worth the effort to start each day with it. To benefit from it you just have to get four tablespoons of plain yogurt and put it in a bowl, then add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Use a spoon to mix both ingredients until smooth. It is very easy as you can see. We apply it to the face with a brush and leave it on for 20 minutes. You will see that it adheres well to the skin. After the 20 minutes, you can remove it with water. You will immediately notice very smooth skin. If you do this each day you will see that little by little you are bolstering those sagging cheeks.

4. Proper nutrition


You know that what we put into our body is reflected on the outside. Keep in mind that fluid retention will cause your cheeks to look puffy, and that these weight differences will have a long-term effect on our metabolism and our skin, which will eventually look saggy and flaccid. All this can be avoided by following a natural cleansing diet with the juices of grapefruit, orange and even strawberries, which are also very suitable for cleansing and detoxing.

We know that sometimes it is difficult but you will notice that if you restrict the consumption of candies and bakery sweets it will be noticed in your health and your skin. You should increase the amount of salads, fiber, nuts and vegetable protein in your meals, since these are especially important to strengthen muscles. When we lose weight the skin begins to sag, hence we should always take care of the facial muscles to make them strong and well nourished, thus we should take into account the need to consume rich vegetable proteins. Also, do not forget to stay well hydrated, thereby detoxifying and helping our organs to function better.

It is indeed possible to add firmness to those sagging cheeks, with a little effort and these simple tips. It is worth giving them a try.

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