3 Steps to Forget an Impossible Relationship

· November 23, 2016
Many times we fight with ourselves over an impossible relationship because of our own needs and the need to fill the hole left in us.

An impossible relationship can be very painful if you don’t know how to get past it. You start thinking that happiness will never be a reality for you.

Obviously, it’s easier said than done.

Even though it can be tough, when we have an impossible or toxic relationship, we need to figure out the reason we can’t let it go.

On many occasions, we are stubborn enough to not let go of the person we love. “If you want it, you have to go and get it” is the phrase that many use.

However, with this we open a hole in our hearts that we will eventually close with difficulty. It will be very hard for us and we will in turn ruin ourselves in our desire to have this person by our side.

Steps to forget an impossible relationship

1. Look inside of yourself


Sometimes, we forget to look inside ourselves, making obvious problems and circumstances that this kind of obsession has brought us. The problems brought by loving someone who doesn’t love us back.

Doing some soul-searching can help you discover that you, perhaps, have a problem with emotional dependency, which can get in the way of letting go of this person who you aren’t destined to be with.

Also, it’s possible that you will be surprised by some personal facet. This could be, for example, the need to get everything you decide to go after. Perhaps this comes from some negative situation in the past. This could be anything from an abandonment to a rebound relationship.

It’s important that you find out if it is habitual for you to fall in love with people who are out of your reach. If so, it could be that your self-esteem is doing this to you.

Sometimes, it’s also possible that we fall in love with people who we can never be in a relationship with because we are not prepared to start a relationship.

Look inside yourself to discover what is really happening.

2. Do you feel happy with yourself?


When you take a look at yourself, you will be able to answer this very important question. Since many times we believe that we feel alright, but in reality we are destroyed inside.

Perhaps we are sad and we need to feel companionship. Or, we are simply people who like to be continually in love.

Make sure you aren’t looking for approval from someone else. And, because of this, you fall in the trap of an impossible relationship.

The hardest part of this is when this turns into a way of hurting ourselves. There are some people who self-destruct when they are not happy with themselves.

It isn’t necessary that it’s visible: they don’t have to do physical harm. Troubles with eating and diving into toxic relationships are other ways to cause self-harm.

3. A new pain doesn’t take your mind off of the old one


We have all gone through some romantic disillusionment. Also, we have all heard the saying “a new pain takes your mind off of the old one.” These are words full of lies.

Trying to forget someone with another person is no more than a free way to hurt your new relationship. This affects both you and your new partner.

It’s true that it’s easy to ignore someone you were with once you’re with someone new. But, don’t you feel that you are not really in love? Don’t you realize that, in some way, you are acting as a manipulator?

This phrase also has a much more profound significance. This references being single and the fear of not finding a new partner. Because of this, we desperately look for a new partner.

It’s a momentary comfort for your need to not be alone. And it’s a momentary relief for not having to face the world without a partner by your side.

Impossible relationships paralyze you


An impossible relationship keeps you from being able to find a true, healthy relationship with someone. You stay tied to the relationship. On occasion, you will stay like that for a long time in hopes that something will happen. We’re talking about years.

Falling in love with someone like this will cause you to miss opportunities. These possibilities will pass you by but you won’t be able to see them because you are blinded.

It’s important that you remember that an impossible relationships will hurt you. It won’t start well and you will always feel disappointed.

If you constantly dive into this kind of desire, you need to open your eyes.

Love yourself. Don’t grab onto an impossible relationship out of fear.