Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, It Could Be the Best Decision Ever

· November 17, 2016
It's likely that when something new happens in our life we warily accept it. However, there are moments when we need to step outside our comfort zone.

We’ve all started a project but then realized that it may not be worth it. We realize that we’re in fact not serious about it or we even think that it’s an absurd idea.

Sometimes we may start a project that is so ridiculous that there’s no other choice but to keep on pursuing it to see where it leads us.

Whether we believe it or not, situations like these can be a good thing. We, as human beings, are capable of being open to new experiences to learn from them and this is amazing. This is where we discover our happiness and our balance.

So, when was the last time you went with the flow, did things you never thought you’d do and just enjoyed life?

In today’s article, we’d like you to think about this topic.

What starts off spontaneously and absurdly

Take for example, starting a relationship with someone who seems to be the complete opposite of us. Someone who has different likes, a different personality than us, but is similar to us emotionally, affectionately and passionately. Situations like this are undoubtedly extremely intense and amazing.

We can find happiness in the least likely of places, with the most unlikely people and at the oddest times. Every person has a personal story where you can find many of these moments.

However, there are various aspects that we must bear in mind. Because, whether we believe it or not, there are many people who are reluctant to go with the flow and to let themselves experience these types of moments that occur on rare occasions in their lives, which require a series of abilities.

We’ll explain more below.


The importance of going with the flow

So far, we’ve talked a lot about going with the flow. Along with being in the moment, and being aware of everything that happens around us, going with the flow is, without a doubt, a way to find happiness.

  • There are times where an unexpected opportunity presents itself, however we let it slip away because we don’t dare to act on them because we are fearful that it’s not the right decision. However, we later realize that it was a good opportunity and we eventually feel a sense of regret for all those missed opportunities.
  • We’re not suggesting that you act without thinking, or do something without maintaining your dignity. We’re only suggesting that you’re open to new experiences.

This is because there are leaps in the dark that are worth making, however we should always brace ourselves when making these leaps.

Going with the flow is, above all, trusting ourselves and understanding that we need a little bit of courage and absurdity to find our happy place.

Because we never know where certain paths may lead us.

None of us know for certain which path we should take, which people we should avoid and which opportunities are best for us.

Given that nothing is definite and anything can happen in this world, why don’t we take some risks?

In reality, our life-cycle, identity and our personal maps are woven together with each decision and mistake we make.

  • We shouldn’t forget that the best paths are always located outside our comfort zone. Unfortunately, sometimes we may spend so much time inside our comfort zone that we repeat the same routines and perpetuate our unhappiness.
  • If you find that your current environment doesn’t make you happy, don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone. You may control everything inside this area but nothing that you do in it satisfies you.
  • What lies outside our comfort zone may scare us, test us and even seem absurd. However, sometimes all these new emotions are the best remedy to all our sorrows.
mujer-en-el-agua feliz por lo que empieza

What starts off spontaneously and turns into our entire being

Consider this example. Someone suggests that you make something. For instance, this could be dessert or even a piece of clothing. When you do it, everyone praises you. So you decide that you’re going to dedicate your life to this hobby or craft and then it becomes a lifestyle, or in other words, your job.

  • There are times in your life where random things happen to you, and you don’t pay much attention to them at first. However, after a while, you realize that what has happened to you isn’t absurd nor ridiculous.

Instead, you realize that this event or occurrence may be the best thing you’ve experienced so far in your life.

In order for these things to happen, you need to be alert and trust your instinct. Here is where we find our true value: self confidence.

Never forget this.