14 Uses for Fresh Ginger

· December 1, 2015
Did you know that ginger can help improve your digestive health? By consuming fresh ginger on a daily basis, you can improve your intestinal health, which is great for cases of indigestion, as well as for people who suffer from constipation or diarrhea.

Ginger is a root that has been used by many societies for thousands of years. Its most well known use is in the kitchen, but today, we’re going to show you 14 others uses for fresh ginger that you might not know about. So keep reading.


Ginger, just like most herbs, has a high level of anti-oxidants. This means ginger is especially recommended for fighting internal swelling in the body and preventing sickness. Nutritionists recommend consuming ginger and similar herbs in order to stay healthy.

Improves stomach health


By consuming fresh ginger, you can also cure your stomach and improve intestinal health and bowel moements. Plus, it is great for speeding up the production of digestive enzymes and contributing to a well-functioning digestive process. So, don’t forget: ginger is great for problems such as indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.


Ginger has analgesic properties that can be very useful for alleviating joint and muscle pain, meaning that it is hugely beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis, because it can reduce the amount of pain they experience and increase their mobility. It is also recommended for athletes and trainers who experience muscle pain during training sessions. If you ever get home from work feeling very physically tired, try putting a bit of fresh ginger in your bathtub. Taking a bath with ginger water is great for those days when you feel tired and stressed.

Alleviate nausea during pregnancy

How to deal with nausea during pregnancy

Pregnant women tend to feel nauseous and like they need to throw up fairly often, and since their health is very sensitive during pregnancy, doctors do not recommend taking any medications for nausea. Even prescription medicines can harm the baby, possibly provoking a spontaneous abortion or other complications.

Thanks to recent studies that have been carried out in a number of European and Asian countries, researchers have discovered that drinking ginger root as a tea or consuming this product naturally helps to alleviate symptoms of vomiting without exposing the mother or baby to medications full of chemical substances that could produce negative side effects. However, you should certainly speak with your doctor before using ginger to control nausea during your pregnancy.

Prevents bowel cancer

Studies have shown that ginger has a component called gingerol, which is the substance that gives this root its distinctive taste. This element is anti-carcinogenic and has been proven to prevent colon and rectal cancer.

Stimulates the appetite

Lack of appetite

The sharp taste of ginger can serve as a stimulant. For people who experience appetite loss, ginger is great to drink as a juice or tea. Ginger also stimulates your appetite because it increases the production of digestive enzymes.

Prevents and improves symtoms of ovarian cancer

Just like the above cases of colon and rectal cancer, ginger is especially useful when it comes to helping prevent malign tumors. As previously mentioned, this herb contains elements that help prevent the reproduction of free radicals in the body, as well as combat swelling, which is the first sign of cancer formation.

Alleviates menstrual cramps


The healing properties of ginger can help you to keep your reproductive system healthy. For women who suffer from strong menstrual cramps, consuming this herb at the beginning of their cycle can turn out to be very useful because it helps to alleviate the pain associated with menstruationPlus, regularly consuming ginger can help you to keep your menstrual cycle regular.

Prevents nausea while traveling

For those of you who suffer from car sickness, sea sickness or nausea while traveling by plane, ginger can be extremely useful due to the calming effect it can have on your nerves. You can chew ginger or coat it in sugar to take with you on your trip, because this herb can be slowly absorbed by the body. Of course, there are over-the-counter medications for this type of condition, but, unlike ginger, they are not natural and won’t be able to offer you all of the benefits of this herb.

Prevents gassiness


Gases and the pain that comes with them can be the result of different factors such as stress, digestion problems or poor eating habits. By incorporating ginger into your daily meal plan, you will be able to alleviate these symptoms and improve your stomach health.

Prevents respiratory problems

This herb is also ideal for lung and heart health. If you suffer from problems such as asthma or bronchitis, just add a bit of ginger to your standard recipes to speed up the healing process.

Sunburn treatment


Due to its revitalizing and healing properties, ginger can also be used to alleviate minor skin problems and burns. The juice and oil extracted directly from the plant can be applied to the affected area to speed up the regrowth of skin tissue.

Flavoring agent

This part doesn’t require much explaining because there are already thousands of recipes out there with ginger on the ingredient list. One thing we would like to point out is how versatile this herb is; you can incorporate it into anything from sauces and dressings to beverages, among others. It goes well with just about any food you can imagine.

Cosmetic use

The properties of ginger make it an excellent component for soaps, perfumes, lotions and other cosmetics, as it is great for the skin and helps revitalize the body.

As you have seen throughout this article, ginger has many little-known properties and uses. Try it out, because it’s a great option for you to start adding to your recipes TODAY.