What Is Erotic Spanking?

· February 11, 2018
Erotic spanking is a sexual practice in which one of the participants practice physical punishment by playing either a domineering or dominated role for sexual gratification
When we think about sex, imagination revs up our creativity to inspire what comes next. Erotic spanking is the spark that starts that entire chain of reactions that is so vast, subjective and controversial in the world of human sexuality.

Did you think that you knew everything there was to know about the world of sex? Don’t worry. It’s a topic that’s so wonderfully extensive and vast that there’ll always be something new to learn.

A caress, a spark, a touch…these are all characteristics of physical interaction and flirtation between human beings.

So what happens when someone tries to hit lightly the other in a relationship?

Regardless of the roles, agreements or terms that a pair, group or individuals may have established, communication is key. Only through communication can sexual relationships stay favorable and positive– regardless of the orthodoxy or liberalism that supports it.

Imagine that you’re with your partner, just in the midst of getting intimate. Then, he or she grabs you and whispers, “Spank me“. You get nervous and become antsy about answering truthfully. So, should you give him or her that spanking that they wanted?

We’ll leave it to your judgement and discretion. What really matters is its origin and roots.

People use spanking as a sexual activity. It involves consensual and measured domination and a mental reaction.

So, is there really pleasure in hitting?

While every spanking case may be different, and every spank may vary in intensity, it doesn’t mean that hitting doesn’t stop being a small, harmful act against the body.

And not to mention the ethic, moral or social contexts of this huge taboo that’s commonly practiced every day.

If you’re interested in this topic, even just a tad, and all you’re looking for is just a touch of “flavor” in your sex life but don’t know how to find it, you should check out all there is to know about this sexual practice.

All about spanking

Erotic Spanking

Unjustified hitting or a manifestation of sexual spontaneity?

According to the field of Psychiatry

For a long time, and until very recently, psychiatry and medical science considered these practices to be heinous acts that needed to be monitored by psychiatrists.

It was only when new definitions entered modern psychiatry that these communities mainly stopped seeing sex games related to spanking as heinous acts.

We should also mention that the American Psychiatric Association maintained their original definition about spanking for a long time.

However, we also can’t forget that they didn’t erase homosexuality from their list of Mental Illnesses until1973.

In history

Everything begins somewhere, and this controversial sexual practice isn’t an exception. Spanking, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, doesn’t mean what we usually believe it to harmful.

That goes to show that this action is relatively new and infrequently used in vast terms, in addition to being free from restrictions.

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Sexual practice: what is it really?

Sexual practice: what is it really?

The dominants dish out punishments on the buttocks, as per tradition, using a the classic instruments– measuring stick, rod, bamboo cane, belt, hand, etc.

  • There is a “dominant/submissive’ relationship.
  • This implies an previously settled disadvantage which gives subjective pleasure to the participants. Obviously, it’s clear who’ll win.

In the world of BDSM (bondage and discipline/domination and submission/sadism and machismo) where we find spanking, there are several aspects that we should take into account.

Items used to apply force and submission to the submissive

Among the most popular items in the practice of spanking are the following:

  • Rod: In spanking, people often use this instrument to discipline. However, spankers normally use decorative rods.
  • Belt: A belt, or a strap, is flexible article of clothing that’s made from leather, or another strong material. It tightens around the waist in order to keep pants, dress, or other articles of clothing, in place.
  • Rebenque, a short whip: Originating from Argentina and Uruguay, this is a leather instrument designed to whip livestock.
  • On the lap: In this posture, the spanker is seated and the submissive lays on the spanker’s knees, facing down. This is the most classic position in which there is direct and permanent body contact between the participants.