What Is Erotic Spanking? All You Need to Know About it

Erotic spanking is a sexual practice involving physical punishment in which the participants play either a dominant or submissive role for sexual pleasure.
What Is Erotic Spanking? All You Need to Know About it

Last update: 18 November, 2018

When we think about sexit tends to unleash our creativity. Erotic spanking is just one of the many sexual practices people have developed over time to make sex more interesting. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been controversial and caused a big debate on both sides of the issue.

Did you think that you knew everything there was to know about the world of sex? Don’t worry. It’s a topic that’s so wonderfully broad and vast that there’ll always be something new to learn.

A caress, a spark, a touch…these are all characteristics of physical interaction and flirtation between human beings. But what happens when we get into the realm of hitting the other person in a relationship?

Regardless of the roles, agreements or terms that a couple or group of people may have established, communication is key. Communication is the only way to keep sexual relationships favorable and positive–regardless of how liberal or conservative the practices themselves are.

Spanking: yes or no?

Imagine that you’re with your partner, and you’re just starting to get intimate. Then, they grab you and whisper, “spank me“. You get nervous and antsy about responding–you don’t whether you want to or not. So, should you give them the spanking that they wanted?

In the end, it’s up to your personal judgment and what you’re comfortable with. But, it’s also worth talking about the origins and roots of this sexual practice.

People do spanking as a form of sexual activity. It involves consensual and measured domination, which provides mental and sexual stimulation. But, is there really pleasure in hitting?

While every couple or group may be different, and have different preferences for how hard the spanking is, at the end of the day, spanking is still a minor act of harm against the body.

There are also some interesting ethical, moral or social contexts to learn about when it comes to this common, taboo sexual practice.

If you’re interested in the topic, even just a bit, and you’re looking for some “flavor” in your sex life but don’t know how to find it, you should learn more about this practice below. It might turn out to be right for you.

All about erotic spanking

erotic spanking tv

Unjustified violence or a manifestation of sexual spontaneity?

According to psychiatry

For a long time, and until very recently, psychiatry and general medicine considered these practices to be vile, worthy of psychiatric monitoring.

It was only when new definitions came into modern psychiatry that these disciplines stopped seeing spanking-related sex games as filthy practices.

But we should also point out that the American Psychiatric Association maintained their original definition about spanking for a long time. While we’re on the subject, they also didn’t erase homosexuality from their list of Mental Illnesses until 1973, so they’re not necessarily a good example.

In history

Everything starts somewhere, and this controversial sexual practice is no exception. Spanking, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, mainly has to do with punishing someone (especially a child) for doing something wrong.

That goes to show that this sexual practice is relatively new for the general public, and still not what most of us think about when we heard the word.

Erotic spanking: what is it really?

erotic spanking: what is it really?

In erotic spanking, the dominant individual dishes out punishment on the buttocks. To do that, they could use all kinds of things, including, but not limited to a measuring stick, rod, bamboo cane, belt, their hand, etc.

  • The main thing to remember is the “dominant/submissive’ relationship between the individuals.
  • What this means is that there’s a previously agreed upon set of roles that bring both of the participants sexual pleasure. One person does all the punishment and one person receives it because those are the roles they want to play. If these roles break, especially in the case of the dominant person, it can be dangerous or abusive.

In the world of BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadomasochism) where we see spanking, there are several aspects to take into account.

Items used to apply force and and establish power over the submissive

Among the most popular items and practices in erotic spanking, there are:

  • A rod: in erotic spanking, people often use this object for discipline. Also, the dominant individual often uses a decorated rod, something personal.
  • A belt: a belt, or a strap, is flexible article of clothing made from leather, or another strong material. Something we we would normally use to help hold our clothes up, here it’s used as a way to give the punishment.
  • A rebenque: a short whip originating in Argentina and Uruguay. This is a leather instrument designed to whip livestock, but people who engage in erotic spanking use it as another one of their tools.
  • On the lap: In this posture, the spanker is seated and the submissive lays across their knees, facing down. This is the most classic position, and involves direct and permanent body contact between the participants.
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