Seven Things You Can Do to Cleanse Your Bladder Naturally

The bladder is the organ responsible for the storage and subsequent elimination of urine from the kidneys. It's a hollow membranous organ shaped like a balloon and located between the pelvic bones.
Seven Things You Can Do to Cleanse Your Bladder Naturally
Elisa Morales Lupayante

Reviewed and approved by the pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist Elisa Morales Lupayante.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Would you like to know how to cleanse your bladder naturally, without having to do anything special? If so, keep reading.

When urinating, your bladder expels everything that your body doesn’t need, thus helping it maintain a balance (of hormones, electrolytes, etc.). It also eliminates toxins and waste. This prevents pathogens from accumulating in your kidneys that can later cause infections, urinary incontinence, hyperactivity, and other health problems.

To prevent infections and a general malfunction of the kidneys, people are often concerned about improving their lifestyle habits. In particular, improving hydration.

To do this, they often consume beverages that allow them to maintain a good frequency of urination. With their consumption, they not only believe that they’re staying hydrated, but also that they’re supporting the functioning and cleansing of the aforementioned organs.

The keys to cleansing your bladder

First, it’s important to keep in mind that a combination of healthy habits is what contributes to good health. It’s not just about drinking a certain type of beverage, like a smoothie, a juice, or a tea.

To cleanse your bladder naturally, you can put into practice some really simple tricks such as the ones we’re going to tell you about below.

1. Drink water

Daily consumption of water is essential to keep your whole body healthy and not just your urinary tract. This vital liquid is key, among other things, to maintain adequate urine production. It also controls inflammatory processes to prevent diseases such as cystitis.

It’s not mandatory to drink water in really large quantities, but it’s crucial to drink enough daily to stay healthy. As a matter of fact, it’s not advisable to drink water in excessive amounts, since this can actually overload your bladder and hinder its functioning.

If you find it difficult to drink water, you can start by incorporating some flavored waters and natural fruit drinks into your diet.

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2. Drink cranberry juice

El jugo de arándanos para limpiar la vejiga
Drinking cranberry juice from time to time can help provide your body with many great nutrients.

Cranberry juice is one of the most recommended home remedies for cleansing your bladder and urinary tract. Indeed, it’s a drink that’s rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and it’s believed that it can help if you have an infection.

Some studies point to the potential of cranberry (powdered) to help prevent the adhesion of bacteria in the urinary system. However, there’s not enough evidence to state that the consumption of this fruit can help treat a disease such as E. coli, for example.

Therefore, for now, it remains a home remedy (and a source of antioxidants) recommended for maintaining good hydration.

To prepare it at home you’ll need:


½ cup of fresh cranberries (60 g).
The juice of ¼ lemon.
1 glass of water (250 ml).


  • Put the washed cranberries in a blender.
  • Add the lemon juice and the water.
  • Blend until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Pass it through a fine strainer.
  • Drink up to twice a day.

3. Drink dandelion tea

Thanks to its diuretic properties, dandelion is another useful home remedy to maintain the health of your renal system.

To prepare it at home, you’ll need:


  • 2 tablespoons of dandelion (20 g).
  • 1 glass of water (250 ml).
  • Honey to sweeten (optional).


  • Add the dandelion to a glass of boiling water.
  • Cover and let it infuse for 15 minutes.
  • Add honey if desired and consume in moderation.

4. Eat watermelon

Because of its high water content, watermelon (and other similar fruits, such as melon, pineapple, and grapefruit) is said to help keep the urinary tract clean and free of pathogens.

In fact, it’s popularly believed that consuming it regularly can help cleanse toxins via the urine.

5. Drink carrot and cucumber juice

Carrot and cucumber juice has properties that act in the natural cleansing of the bladder.

In one study, it was shown that high carrot consumption was associated with a low incidence of urothelial cancer. As for cucumber (Cucumis sativus), traditionally used in anti-urolithiasis activities, experiments found that it increased urine volume and elevated levels of serum creatinine. In addition, BUN and uric acid were brought to normal levels.


  • 2 carrots.
  • Half a cucumber.


  • Peel the carrots and cucumber.
  • Chop and blend.
  • Drink the juice in the morning.

6. Blended smoothies to cleanse your bladder

to cleanse your bladder naturally 
One great advantage of blended smoothies is that they can be incredibly delicious, as well as really good for your health.

A smoothie rich in ingredients containing potassium, among other nutrients, can help maintain the health of your bladder and kidneys.

You could consume it as part of your breakfast or a snack to improve your digestive processes, stimulate the elimination of toxins, and cleanse your bladder.


  • 1 green apple.
  • Celery (1 or 2 stalks).
  • 1 glass of water (250 ml).
  • 2 tablespoons of parsley (20 g).


  • Wash all the ingredients well.
  • Discard the seeds from the apple (you don’t need to peel it).
  • Slice the rest of the ingredients to make it easier to blend.
  • Blend for a few minutes, until you get a smooth drink without lumps.
  • Serve and enjoy.

7. Pineapple, cucumber, celery, and ginger juice

This is a smoothie with a powerful diuretic effect. Added to the already known properties of cucumber, pineapple, and celery, ginger is added, a root that prevents fluid retention and swelling. It’s also an anti-inflammatory agent and metabolism accelerator.


  • Cucumber (1 cup).
  • Pineapple (150 g).
  • Celery (2 stalks).
  • Ginger (5 g).
  • Water (1 cup or 250 ml).


  • Peel the pineapple.
  • Add to the other ingredients and put in a blender with the water.
  • Blend and drink immediately.

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What to avoid to maintain a healthy bladder

To maintain a healthy bladder, it’s essential to adopt healthy habits. You should also avoid excesses, especially those related to the consumption of salt, sugar, caffeine, red meat, and carbonated beverages, as they tend to promote fluid retention and swelling.

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