The 14 Best Quotes for Nature Lovers

Love is not an exclusive feeling between humans; other ways of loving have to do with what you do, hobbies or what surrounds you. Gardening, for example, is one such passion.
The 14 Best Quotes for Nature Lovers

Last update: 15 March, 2023

Nature lovers have a lot to teach us, because they learn every day from beautiful, peaceful arts like gardening. Caring for plants for is a profession for some, while for others, it represents a hobby, a therapy, or a passion.

Perhaps our love for nature is a way to compensate the environment for the damages that, directly or indirectly, are produced by humans. And it’s in this practice that people grow more than just flowers. It’s also about understanding the life of plants, their purposes, and their benefits.

During such activities, hundreds of motivational phrases have emerged- not only to encourage a love for nature, but to apply to life itself. Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

Quotes for nature lovers: Plants can feel and return love

Do you know anyone who talks to plants and claims that they not only understand, but also respond may be right? that’s eighty: this belief is not entirely far-fetched.

Through their condition, vigor, and growth, shrubs respond to the words gifted to them by their caretakers. It’s both a manifestation of nature and a manifestation of love!

Science has addressed hypotheses about the intelligence of vegetation. For example, this article shared by SDL Environmental Research and Outreach refers to the sensitivity of plants, noting that they are endowed with up to 15 senses. In addition, some species are so intelligent that they exchange information and communicate with each other and with animals.

This publication also states that plants have their own personality: they memorize, sleep, and even take care of their offspring. So how could they not be able to respond to humans? Of course, they do it in their own way, looking beautiful or decaying, growing fast or slow, and blooming in greater or lesser quantity.

This is how, in the process of “raising” them, they become teachers and protagonists for these who share their affection for these living beings.

Quotes for nature lovers

Now we’re going to share some phrases born from contact with the natural environment and that are useful to talk with plants, reflect with friends, or simply extrapolate to life.

1. A quote on closeness, happiness, and the gift of service

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful: they are also sunlight, food and medicine for the soul.

-Luther Burbank

The horticulturist and botanist emphasizes kindness and courtesy towards plants, as well as the selflessness and pleasure that caring for them generates.

2. Quotes for nature lovers on inspiration and art

If you really love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. -Vincent Van Gogh

The famous Dutch painter refers to nature as a source of inspiration, so he contemplated the beauty of the environment to make his art.

Van Gogh es un amante de la naturaleza.
Van Gogh connected with nature and the series of paintings with sunflowers demonstrate his sensitivity.

3. The tranquility of now and the future

When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and hope. -Wangari Maathai

The biologist, activist, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate alluded to the importance of planting trees to benefit communities now and in the future, in a world that is peaceful and where patience, perseverance and commitment are practiced.

4. There are things that cannot be avoided

You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot prevent spring from coming. -Pablo Neruda

One interpretation of what the Chilean poet and politician reflected would be that, no matter how hard you try to change or force situations, what is destined to happen, will happen. Thus, even if they raze an entire garden to the ground, the force of nature will prevail so that once again there will be blossoming.

5. Quotes for nature lovers: A source of wisdom

Plants seem to have been sown in profusion on earth, like stars in the sky, to invite man, through the spur of pleasure and curiosity, to the study of nature. -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The author of this sentence speaks of one of the purposes that plants have in this world. That is, the invitation for humans to inquire and educate themselves through them.

6. Light in the midst of darkness

There are always flowers for those who wish to see them. -Henri Matisse

These lines by the French painter suggest that, in the midst of struggles, it is always possible to find something positive. Perhaps at first you may not notice it, but by analyzing the circumstances, it’s very likely that you will find a favorable perspective.

7. Quotes for nature lovers on health and well-being

Nature is my medicine. -Sara Mos

Natural resources provide wellness, peace, remedies, aromas and relaxation, among countless other benefits. Thus, it’s a panacea for overall well-being.

8. The power of nature

Trees are the efforts of the earth to speak to the listening sky. -Rabindranath Tagore

The Indian litterateur emphasized the strength of the natural and the connection existing between all its elements.

9. The value of simplicity

Nature is pleased with simplicity. -Isaac Newton

If something as imposing as nature is pleased with simplicity, then why should people song for the material and the ostentatious in order to be happy? Perhaps that is what the English physicist meant.

10. Quotes for nature lovers on wanting and being able

A bird does not sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song. -Maya Angelou

Talking for the sake of talking or doing for the sake of doing is not the same as singing. This you do you want to or because you can and have something to say.

11. The natural order

Wisdom never says one thing while nature says another. -Juvenal

Everything that happens corresponds to the natural order of things. Furthermore, if nature is understood as a source of wisdom, it’s clear that it will never go against wisdom.

12. The correct response to mistreatment

The earth is insulted, but offers flowers in response. -Rabindranath Tagore

When faced with mistreatment or an unpleasant gesture, do not react in the same way. Also, show that your behavior is not a reflection of others.

Practice calmness and use good words as a weapon. Nature does this in its own way, for it suffers daily damage and always shares its best fruits.

Contacto y cuidado del planeta.
Nature is also a source of wisdom and teaches us values to apply in daily life.

13. Making the most out of the unfortunate

Fertilizer is not good in a heap, but a little bit spread around makes miracles everywhere. -Richard Brinsley Sheridan

It’s never about excess. On the contrary, they only aggravate any situation. On the other hand, if you dose your resources, there’s a very high probability of obtaining benefits. Nature lovers can attest to this.

14. Nature is the best teacher

Choose only one teacher: nature. -Rembrandt

Finally, nature also serves as a perennial educator, and this is how the representative of the Baroque time saw it.

Nature lovers practice a way of loving life

Love, inspiration, patience and, above all, wisdom. These are the attributes that nature lovers find in nature.

Furthermore, it’s for good reason that the Fundación del Agua profiles environmentalist José Luis Gallego as an example of the vocation to observe it, the commitment to defend it, and the need to be in it. Nature also makes you appreciate silence, feel the breeze, and breathe freedom. Finally, for many, nature is a way of loving life.

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