Melatonin Serums: A New Beauty Trend

Did you know that lack of sleep can compromise your complexion? Read on and learn how to take care of yourself through rest and the use of antioxidants.
Melatonin Serums: A New Beauty Trend
Leonardo Biolatto

Written and verified by the doctor Leonardo Biolatto.

Last update: 01 March, 2023

We live in a world where obligations and stress mean that we often don’t get enough rest. However, sleep is a physiological necessity and chronic lack of sleep accelerates premature skin aging. So, using products to protect your skin is highly recommended. Today we’ll tell you all about melatonin serums and how to include them in your beauty routine.

Thanks to the cosmetic and dermatological industry, we have been able to find natural active ingredients that emulate the recuperative properties that melatonin has for the dermis. This hormone plays a fundamental role in the quality of sleep, but also has benefits for skin health.

Melatonin serums.
Both men and women can benefit from the effects of melatonin serums on the skin.

Melatonin effect serums and their antioxidant action

Several studies have confirmed that melatonin, in addition to being the sleep hormone, also has great antioxidant and protective properties for the skin. For this reason, its active component is widely used in topical products, as it helps to keep skin cells in perfect condition.

Melatonin serums allow tired skin to feel revitalized, strengthened, and healthy looking, as they produce more luminosity and elasticity with regular use. This is thanks to its natural ingredients that reproduce the protective and antioxidant benefits that the hormone uses for the skin.

Due to the above, it’s very important to look at the list of ingredients of the best facial care products available in certified dermatological and cosmetic stores. Some of the facial serums that emulate the skin properties of melatonin have in their formulation such key components as gardenia extract, a botanical active ingredient that activates the skin’s biological mechanisms.

Melatonin serums.
Serums with gardenia extract are used for their biological effects on the skin.

Gardenia has been a plant used since ancient times in traditional herbalism to reduce anxiety and promote sleep. And the extract used in melatonin serums has a molecule similar to this hormone. This allows it to bind to receptors on epidermal cells and provide similar antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The effect of melatonin on the body

Just like good nutrition and regular physical activity, daily rest is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. In addition, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a day for adults also has a positive effect on skin cell regeneration. Something that keeps intrinsic aging under control.

And although aging is a natural biological process, there are several factors, both physical and environmental, that can accelerate it. Research led by professionals at University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center showed that too little sleep per day is linked to the appearance of signs of premature aging. Such as dull skin, spots, and the so-called laughter lines.

So, melatonin is a hormone that influences the quality of sleep, but in addition, some professionals consider it to be a “neutralizer of aging”. This is because it exerts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antitumor capabilities. Benefits that positively affect skin health.

A woman with a serum.
Facial care routines seek to reduce the noticeable effects of aging on the skin.

Get enough rest and a facial care routine

If you notice that lack of sleep or general fatigue has compromised the health and beauty of your skin, it’s time to start doing something about it. So in the daytime, remember to always cleanse, moisturize and care for your face with sunscreen, and, at night, follow a facial routine with specific products, such as melatonin serums.

For these treatments to have a greater effect, they should be applied after cleansing the face thoroughly. Just shake the bottle, place three or five drops in the palm of your hand and warm the product. Then take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy and inhale a couple of times before spreading it all over the skin. Finish with a gentle massage and some moisturizer.

Remember that although serums have great antioxidant benefits for the skin, they don’t replace a good night’s sleep. So take care of your dermis with a facial routine, but also give your body the rest it needs to replenish its energy.

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