How to Decorate Toilet Seat Covers: 4 Innovative Ideas

Do you want to make your bathroom more elegant? If so, you should decorate the toilet seat covers. In this article, we'll show you four interesting ways to do it.
How to Decorate Toilet Seat Covers: 4 Innovative Ideas

Last update: 22 October, 2022

If you’re tired of following the majority rules when it comes to decorating a bathroom, now is the time to take a risk. The toilet has practical functions, but it can also be a style statement. Discover these innovative ideas for decorating toilet seat covers!

The house of your dreams should have the ideal toilet. In this article, we’re going to present some innovative alternatives that will bring personality and style to your home and will make it so that your visitors can’t stop talking about your bathroom. So, are you going to take a risk?

How to decorate toilet seat covers

1. Choose an original but practical material

a bathroom
It’s important to choose a suitable material to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of the toilet.

To begin with, toilets always need constant cleaning to prevent infections and the accumulation fungi. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right material to decorate the lid.

Most manufacturers opt for different types of plastic, wood, and porcelain. There are also steel toilets. In short, any waterproof and smooth material will work. 

The variety of materials to decorate the toilet can be very original. However, there are some very unwise options when it comes to covering the lid, such as, for example, fabric or wool. Although they may provide some cushioning and warmth when you sit down, they’re very unhygienic.

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2. Polyresin toilet seats

Do you want to give your style a more tropical touch? Do you want to decorate your bathroom with marine motifs? If so, then polyresin or polyethylene resin can be a great option.

With this material, you can add objects such as shells, starfish, or even flowers to the mold of the toilet seat. This is done before the resin dries and solidifies.

Another decorative style used with polyethylene resin is the imitation of broken tiles as a mosaic. This architectural technique popularized by the well-known Catalan Antoni Gaudí provides a geometric and organic style in the asymmetry of the tiles. It’s undoubtedly a good option to consider!

3. The innovative Japanese toilets

decorate toilet seat covers
Japanese toilets have gained popularity for their innovative designs. In addition, they’re very advanced in terms of technology.

If we talk about innovation and technology applied to the world of bathrooms, the pioneers are (as they almost always are) the Japanese. Almost 80% of the Japanese population uses electronic toilets.

This is a type of toilet that takes care of detail in the design and decoration of the lids. In addition, these toilets are also used as a bidet with a temperature regulator and even drying functions. They’re also the most ecological option as they don’t require toilet paper, which pollutes rivers and seas. Plus, they pay careful attention to detail in the design and decoration of the lids.

Although their price is higher, they offer some advantages that make great differences with respect to conventional ones. A heated seat or automatic opening and closing lid, bidet function, different types of cleaning with water jets, and even night light are all common features.

They’re undoubtedly an attractive proposal that’s gradually entering the international market.

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4. Wooden toilet seat covers

Finally, wood dresses the rooms and gives them a feeling of homely warmth so that it can counteract the usual impersonality of the bathroom. This noble material has an infinite number of uses, including toilet lids.

The first advantage is the way it feels, as it’s not as cold as porcelain lids. In addition, it also helps you to avoid that first uncomfortable moment of sitting on a cold surface (especially in the winter)!

Secondly, if you’re going to buy a wooden lid, it’s important that it’s good quality wood and is well-treated with enamels and lacquers that protect it from humidity. Remember that it will be in a place in continuous contact with water, and it’s best that it’s very well protected.

Now you know some ideas to decorate your toilet seat covers! However, new proposals continue to appear all the time, such as crochet coverings, engraved humorous phrases, or even personalized designs.

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