Grandchildren Are The Light and Happiness to Their Grandparents

Grandparents have already lived through being a parent and educating.  But with their grandchildren, they form a bond, becoming their light and happiness.

Their mission with their grandkids is to instill values and an emotional legacy that helps them to be better people.

Grandchildren form the new generation that brings so much light and hope to each family member.  For grandparents, this connection is special and highly becoming for both parties.

Let’s think about something important: today we call these people “grandparents,” when they’re actually extremely active, autonomous, and still young at heart.

These people enjoy their day-to-day lives and take care of their grandchildren in different ways than parents do.

There are a lot of studies that have been done to further research whether grandparents are also responsible for educating children.

While it is true that in society, we are all educators, a grandparent’s role within the family has very interesting tones to it, which I would like to talk about together.

Let’s take a look.

Grandparents and grandchildren: the role of psychological well-being

Grandchildren 2

Fathers and mothers are the ones who make the rules and decisions about what is acceptable and not, in regards to whose responsibility it is to educate.  So when speaking about grandparents, there are certain special features that need to be discussed.

  • Grandparents have already experienced this stage in life because before becoming grandparents, they first were parents.  They have set guidelines and have lived up to their roles.  They don’t want to have to be harsh anymore, or to decide what can and cannot be done.
  • Grandparents and grandchildren generally share a communication that is deeper than words.  It is shared in gestures and symbols.  It is full of mutual understanding, smiles, cessions and agreements…. This creates an appropriate psychological well-being where parties win.
  • Regular interaction between grandchildren and grandparents fights states of depression and sadness.  It offers grandparents new responsibilities and grandchildren learn insights that their father and mother cannot give them.

We also understand that not all grandparents are equal, and they don’t always create such intense relationships.  Often times it is said that people grow old the same way they lived, and if you haven’t overcome certain things, you could possible reach a ripe old age feeling frustrated and negative.

That’s why it’s the parents who decide how often their children will interact with their grandparents, and whether this relationship is enriching or not.  Regardless, this is generally one of the most amazing types of connections that exist.

Grandparents and grandchildren: the everlasting bond

Woman with grandchildren

Day-to-day support from grandparents is a great help and relief for parents.

This responsibility that grandparents have is nothing new: there are many generations that have shared the burden of caring for and attending to young children.

A grandparent’s legacy not only enriches the lives of the grandchildren, but also those of the fathers and mothers, who see new dimensions to their parents that they may have never previously known.  In some ways, this helps to strengthen their relationship.

  • A grandparent’s legacy for his/her grandchildren is based on more than just fondness and emotions, it also consists of knowing how to instill values, pieces of the past, and family memories from past generations that also help the child to learn about the world and him/herself.  It provides them with roots.
  • Another interesting aspect is that the grandparents’ continual reflections, happiness for living life, enjoyment, and care and service also help the children envision what it means to “age with wisdom.”  This is how they will learn not to fear the passage of time, but to see it peacefully.
  • One interesting aspect generally comes into play on the family level, which is that grandparents are always a sea of calmness and strategies for calming tensions, arguments and misunderstandings.
  • Educating children is never easy.  They will go through complex times, which parents have already gone through.  While today’s climate is different than before, the essential elements are the same: children demand independence, they ask for attention, they’ll throw fits and they will make mistakes.  But through all of this, grandparents can help with good advice, and without interfering.

Grandchildren bring light and happiness to their grandparents.  It has always been this way.  During the mature, adult stage in life when individuals confront life-changing moments with excitement and energy, children always help renew “responsibilities,” and to see life as a continuum, while holding onto hope.

Wrinkles remind us of the good times had

Grandparents don’t want to go back to being parents.  All they want to do is enjoy the most intense and enriching emotions without pressures or obligations.

What we mean by this is that while we will always be their children, we need to also respect our grandparents’ independence and their right to do as they wish with their own time.

This is something very important to keep in mind.

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