Don’t Cling to Someone Who Ignores You

· March 14, 2017
Sometimes we're so blind that we don't see how others are able to manipulate us and take advantage of us for their own benefit. Don't cling to that person. You deserve better.

It is said that the more you are ignored, the more interested you become in the person who is ignoring you. Maybe it’s because we like the game of “back and forth” or we like playing cat and mouse. Either way, it makes it easy to cling to another person who really doesn’t deserve our attention.

We tend to cling to a person who does nothing but disappear.  He doesn’t show signs of life and he doesn’t show interest in you. When he appears again, you’re relieved, and the ties become stronger.

Be careful!

Open your eyes. You could be dealing with an emotional manipulator.

Stop fooling yourself


When we like someone, we start to fool ourselves.  Suddenly, we begin to interpret signs that tell us that we love each other and that we need each other, and we start to cling.

This feeds our belief that the person we are attracted to likes us, worries about us and  wants to have a relationship, in spite of the fact that he ignores us.

Don’t take the plunge.  Remember: this is just what you want to see.  Nevertheless, why don’t you try to look at it from another point of view?

  • He only contacts you when he wants to and when he doesn’t, there’s no sign of life. This shows that he’s using you.
  • He’s postponed a date that he had with you to be with his friends instead or to make other plans that he felt like doing more.  He doesn’t like you as much as you think (or wish).

  • He’s just hung up the phone in a conversation because you’re not his priority. He didn’t even bother to say a simple goodbye.

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Maybe you justify his behavior with phrases like, ” It’s just that he needs his own space,” or “He doesn’t want to feel tied down”,  or “He’s very independent”…

These excuses do nothing more than harm your dignity.

Take off the blindfold: he’s ignoring you  cling3

It’s time to take off the blindfold that’s keeping you from seeing reality.  But first, make sure that you’re not dependent.

If this is the case, this necessity to be at his side and to be important to someone causes you to submit to someone and accept attitudes that you would never recommend to a friend or loved one.

Therefore, it’s time to realize that he’s simply just not into you. Take off the blindfold and realize that it’s time to move on.

His words and actions confuse you

Have you ever tried to speak to him about your feelings?  That feeling is so strong that it eats away at you inside. Or maybe you would simply like to say how much you care for him.

Remember, though: you’ve already done everything possible to initiate the conversation in that direction. 

However, he’s inconsistent. One moment, it seems like he doesn’t care.  The next, he’s saying things like “I like you,” or  “You’re the only one .”

It just confuses you and puts back you in the game of cat and mouse that keeps you even more attached to him.  

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There’s only affection when he wants it

You also need affection, but you don’t receive it when you need it. Instead, it only happens when he wants it.

Pay attention to this. If he becomes affectionate when you become angry, he may be trying to prevent losing you by manipulation.

He causes you to feel insecure

Good people make us feel secure. When it’s the opposite, we should go running in the other direction. 

You probably believe that you’re secure.

When you’re with him you’re fine, happy, and content… This is always when you try not to express your feelings or think about the confusion that you experience with the things he says to you.

If you’re not able to be yourself or say what you want to say around him, you’re insecure.

This is another big warning that it’s time to move on.

Trust us: you’ll be better off without him.