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Marcelo R. Ceberio

Psychologist, doctor and master in Family Therapy and in Psychoimmunoendocrinology.

Psychologist with extensive academic and professional experience. He is the author of more than 40 books and a dozen research articles. He has been a university professor, lecturer, graduate project coordinator, clinical psychologist, academic director, resident coordinator, and researcher, among many other positions. He has specialized in family therapy and psychoimmunoendocrinology.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from Kennedy University (1979). He completed his training with a Master's degree in Family Therapy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master's degree in Psychoimmunoendocrinology from Favaloro University. He also has three Doctorates in Psychology from Kennedy University, the University of Barcelona and the University of Buenos Aires.

He has trained in psychoanalysis, Gestalt and psychodrama, and studies in systemic therapy at the MRI (Mental Research Institute) in Palo Alto (California). He is currently the director of the doctorate in Psychology at the University of Flores, academic and research director at the Argentine Systemic School and director of the LINCS (Research Laboratory in Neurosciences and Social Sciences).

He teaches seminars as a visiting professor in countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and the United States. He has taught in psychotherapy institutes in Argentina, Europe and the United States. He was associate editor of the journal Systemic Perspectives and a member of scientific committees of various scientific journals. He co-directed, with Paul Watzlawick, the collection 'Interactions, epistemology and systemic clinic', by the Spanish publisher Herder.

He was coordinator of residents in the psychiatric deinstitutionalization experience in Trieste, Italy, and has published more than a hundred articles in specialized journals and book chapters. As an author, he has written more than 40 published books, among which The Construction of the Universe stands out, co-authored with Paul Watzlawick and Juan Linares.

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