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Diego Pereira


Medical intern who has collaborated with local NGOs on various humanitarian healthcare projects in needy rural communities. Freelance writer and curator of texts related to health and improving quality of life.

About the author

Graduated in Medicine in 2020 from the Central University of Venezuela. This health professional has participated in humanitarian medical care projects in needy rural communities with different local NGOs.

In addition, he has experience in basic and clinical research projects related to leishmaniasis, malaria and child anthropometry. In the same way, he was a full member of the Scientific Society of Medicine Students in his University between 2017 and 2020.

And he served as coordinator of the scientific committee in the fifth edition of the Multidisciplinary University Camp for Research and Service of his alma mater in 2018.

Currently, he works as an internal doctor and freelance creator of web content related to the area of health and the improvement of the quality of life in general.

Diego Pereira obtained the academic degree of Doctor with honors, with a special mention for his research and an honorable mention, Cum Laude, for academic performance.

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