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Carlos Ríos


Dietitian and nutritionist from Pablo de Olavide University. Carlos Ríos is known for being the creator of the realfooding movement and for his promotion of a healthy diet based on the consumption of real foods, not ultra-processed ones. He has published several books about this topic, and is a popularizer through his social networks where he has accumulated millions of followers.

About the author

Graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Pablo de Olavide University (2013).

Carlos Ríos is the creator of the realfooding movement and the author of several best-selling books. We can highlight the books Eat real food, Lose fat with real food, Cook real food: more than 100 recipes for realfooders and Menja Menjar Real.

He is also a content creator for social networks where he has millions of followers. He promotes healthy lifestyles that encourage eating based on real food and opposes ultra-processed foods. He has collaborated in different media, worked at the BioMed Clinic and taught at the Institute of Nutrition and Health Sciences and the Isabel I University.

He obtained the Prize for the Best Health Exposition (2019).

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