7 Fashion Tricks to Hide Your Belly

24 December, 2019
Are you worried that your belly will affect your appearance? Learn these tricks to wear whatever clothes you want.

Summer is coming and, of course, so is the need to wear less clothes. This means you’ll be showing more of your body. This might be bad news for many people, which is why we need to find a solution. Therefore, we’ll show you some fashion tips to hide your belly in this article.

For many men and women, the belly is the enemy. A lot of people feel uncomfortable having to show a little of it for any reason.

However, there are two facts that should calm down this anxiety. The first and most important is that no one is perfect. What you look like on the outside doesn’t define who you are on the inside. You should accept your figure. If you really want to change it, it should be because it’s what you want and not because you feel pressure from society.

The other good news is that your clothes can actually be a huge help. 

How can you hide a few extra pounds behind clothing? We’ll tell you here.

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Fashion Tips to Hide Women’s Belly

1. Long Blouses

It’s a basic idea, but infallible. Long and loose blouses help you hide your figure without a problem. In addition, you will feel comfortable and well dressed. You can combine this type of shirt with lots of different types of pants and jeans. Don’t miss the opportunity to look great and feel even better.

However, it’s not recommended to wear clothes that are too big. These will actually make you look even bigger than you are. You should find a size that’s just right: not too big, not too small.

Long Blouses

2. Choose Dark Colors

Often, the same article of clothing but in a different color can make the person that wears it look totally different. Therefore, choosing black is always a good option. There are other color you could choose, such as navy blue, maroon, burgundy or dark greens.

Hide Your Belly

3. Choose the Right Cuts

A good secret is to choose wider cuts for your hips to hide your belly. For example, the peplum cut, as well as the empire cut, are excellent choices.

Additionally, a good idea to complement them is to choose underwear that suits your figure. You can even wear a belt if it’s comfortable and makes you feel good.

These two recommendations will help you shape your silhouette in a spectacular way. Don’t hesitate to try them.

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4. Don’t Wear Low-Rise Jeans

The best options to hide your belly are high-rise or mid-rise. They will help you feel more comfortable and hide your stomach.

Low-rise jeans will only help you accentuate the very thing that you want to hide.


Fashion Tips to Hide a Man’s Belly

Women aren’t the only ones that want to look good in what they wear. Men also feel this way. Therefore, we’ll give you a few tips.

First of all, men can also follow the fashion tips that we gave to the women. This involves choosing dark colors, not wearing clothes that are too loose, and avoiding tight clothing.

5. Choose Big Coats

In addition to making you look elegant, overcoats provide an excellent solution when you’re trying to hide what’s underneath. Surely, in the summer this isn’t an option for every day. In this case, keep reading the following tricks.

Casual outfit with coat

6. Clothing Design

For this, there are several things to keep in mind. First, American jackets and blazers can be very helpful, especially if you wear them open.

On the other hand, it’s better to wear high-waisted pants, as long as the belly is not too big. This will make your legs look longer and make you look thinner.

Finally, avoid horizontal stripes, spandex, and prints. Although they seem like small details, they actually influence a lot.

Man's beer belly.

7. Posture and Attitude

The last of these tips is key in the appearance of men and women: attitude.

The same body can look very different if you stand up straight, keep your chin up and be sure of who you are.

If you’re ashamed or hide, your anxiety shows. You will actually be showing everything you’re trying to hide. Go ahead with confidence!

Man walking

As you can see, every detail matters. Consider each of these tips and apply them to significantly improve your figure.