6 Ways to Make Your Room a Healthier Place

You might not believe it, but keeping your room clean and organized isn't only good for preventing harmful microorganisms, making it great for your physical health, but it's also helpful for your mental well-being
 Although you might not think much of it, your room might be full of harmful elements that could affect your emotional and physical health.

We need to be more concerned about our space, especially because it impacts our ability to really rest and sleep soundly, which is a must for renewing energy and starting every morning with spring and motivation.

Remember that, when the body sleeps, it generates antioxidants and indispensable hormones that help the body function as it should.

If you’re interested in converting your room into a temple of tranquility, “good vibes” and a pleasant place in which to rest, follow the steps below:

1. Avoid electronic devices

Sleep disorders are related to the electromagnetic pollution in your room.

TVs, tablets, computers and cellphones sacrifice sleep quality which leads to a weaker defense system for your body.

This is exactly why you should aim to avoid an excess of this kinds of devices in your room.

Keep your tablet and cellphone tucked away and disconnect other electronics such as sound systems and TVs.

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2. Ventilate your room

It’s vital that you renew the air that you breathe in your room daily: by doing so, you’ll eliminate that dirty atmosphere can sneak into your home.

  • Develop the habit of opening the windows for at least 10 minutes a day as soon as you wake up.
  • Clean air won’t only freshen up your room, but it’ll also help prevent mold and the growth of bacterial microorganisms.

3. Change your sheets weekly

You should change your sheets at least once a week. 

By changing them, you’ll prevent harmful bacteria, dust-mites and other germs from building up.

  • If possible, wash your entire bed set (mantas, duvet and covers) with hot water and antibacterial soap in order to get rid of any trace of bacteria more effectively.

4. Decorate with plants

There are different plants that are decorative as well as provide a sensation of relaxation and harmony.

Although these plants are generally useful for purifying airnot all are apt for closed spaces, so try to opt for one of the following:

  • Lavender: In addition to a delightful aroma, lavender also helps with sleep and lessen stress.
  • Jasmine: This exotic plant is a specialist in calming and controlling anxiety.
  • Areca Palm: This palm helps us wind down. It also makes for a perfect air purifier and decoration for living spaces.
  • Snake Plant: Snake plants are great for decorating interiors because they can withstand tough climate changes in addition to lack of light and watering.

Purifying air by transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen is a sign of good luck according to feng shui.

  • Chrysanthemum: Thanks to its beautiful colors, chrysanthemum can clean air and give a touch of harmony and happiness to a home.
  • Orchid: Known as the plant of youth, it’s capable of eliminating xylene from spaces. Xylene is a harmful narcotic agent that’s found in smaller electronic devices.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera is a perfect plant for the home because it emits oxygen and encourages a deeper sleep.

It’s the perfect plant if you don’t spend too much time at home because it can survive with little light and water.

Though it does require some care, it’s much more resilient than other plants.

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5. Throw away trash

If you’re one of those people who have breakfast, lunch or dinner in bed while you watch television, clean up the left-over trash and dirty plates immediately after.

In addition to a foul odor and unpleasant atmosphere, you could be attracting bugs.

6. Put everything in its place

There are many ways of improving emotional health and one of them is normally keeping your room and home in perfect order.

  • Keep each thing in its place, make your bed after you wake up, put away your shoes and collect your dirty laundry in a basket to wash later.
  • Try to use decoration and each element in your home to transmit tranquility and joy.
  • If you are able, put up photos or picture frames to add on to your decor. They’ll doubt to help you remember special places, moments and people.

It’s a very simple routine to follow and when you come home after a long day, you’ll definitely feel much better.

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