Four Negative Effects of Cell Phone Use That You Did Not Know

Although there is no doubt that the cell phone has made life easier for us, it's also possible that sometimes we use it too much, which directly affects our health.
Four Negative Effects of Cell Phone Use That You Did Not Know

Last update: 11 June, 2022

Cell phones are more harmful than we can imagine. However, the negative effects of cell phone use go completely unnoticed nowadays. For that reason, it’s necessary that we discover them and shed some light on them to be aware of what it means to use a cell phone.

As the years have passed, cell phones have been updated to such an extent that we could say that they’re now small laptops.
However, although they have many positive elements that make our lives easier, there are others that are not so positive.

The negative effects of cell phone use

Although there are several negative effects of cell phone use today, we’re going to focus on just four of them. They’re the ones that we consider most important and require a deeper explanation for healthy learning. 

1. They cause us to procrastinate

Causes us to procrastinate

When you’re working or studying, where is your cell phone? Probably close to you, in your pocket or on the table.
Then, if you get a call, a message or an email….it’s right there. However, all this is very unhealthy.
One of the negative effects of cell phone use is that it prevents us from concentrating and makes us always alert to any possible interruption that may arise.
It doesn’t matter how concentrated we’re at work or studying. When the cell phone rings, we can’t avoid giving it our full attention.
This may mean that we don’t make the most of our time and that, between what we see and what we have received, we become distracted by a social network. Then, in the end we will postpone what is truly important.
  • Leaving the cell phone silently inside your bag, in another room or inside your backpack is a much better alternative. This way, you’ll avoid being always aware of it.

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2. It prevents us from enjoying more of the moments

This is very important, because every time we go on a trip or enjoy a nice moment (fireworks, a birthday…) the first thing we think about is taking a photo or a video.
Many times, we have the thought of uploading it instantly to social networks and start receiving “likes”. Is this really so important? 

We’ve learned to only see and experience the most beautiful things through a screen. Instead of putting away our cell phone and enjoying the moment, we think about taking the photo and sharing it to see how many of our friends like it. This is one of the biggest and saddest disadvantages of cell phones.

3. There are some real risks for your well-being

surprised woman looking at her cell phone

With all the above, another of the negative effects of cell phone use is that it puts our health at risk.
On television, we have seen people collide against a lamppost because they are so absorbed in looking at their cell phone. Others have traffic accidents because they don’t even see over the cell phone while driving.
Thus, this not only puts your own health at risk, but also that of others.
Let’s remember that someone who’s looking at their phone while driving can easily run over a pedestrian. Do cell phones really cause so much dependency that we can not leave it quiet for a second?
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4. It damages your social relationships

phones damaging romantic relationships

The last of the negative effects of the cell phone is that it not only poses a risk to your health, but also to your social relationships.
Many of us have very likely seen a family of four people eating in a restaurant, in silence and all typing, searching and having fun with their mobile. It’s a scene that causes many people sadness and great despair about what may happen in the future. Why do people go to a restaurant to eat if they are not going to talk to each other?
Cell phones cause to miss so many wonderful moments like face-to-face interaction with another human being.
There are people who claim to have a cell phone addiction and can’t even let go at any time. Do you consider yourself part of their group? What do you think will happen if the these negative cell phone effects aren’t solved and, over time, get worse?

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