Thumb Author Verónica Melero Álvarez

Verónica Melero Álvarez

Nutritionist, Master in Personalized and Community Nutrition.

Graduated in Human and Dietetic Nutrition at the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master´s in Personalized and Community Nutrition at the University of Valencia. An expert in clinical nutrition and co-founder of the blog 'Psiconutrición Madrid'.

About the author

In 2016 she graduated as a nutritionist at the Complutense University of Madrid and in 2017 with an official Master's degree in Personalized and Community Nutrition at the University of Valencia . Currently, she is planning to start her doctoral studies.

She has experience in the field of nutrition, specializing in the area of clinical nutrition. She completed the course in nutritional coaching, has knowledge in sports nutrition and has attended various courses and congresses in search of updating himself on the new trends in his profession.

Since 2017 she has worked as a nutritionist, working on issues directly related to hospital nutrition, as well as research projects, collective restoration and nutritional advice. She is co-founder of the blog and RRSS ' Psychonutrition Madrid '.