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Rocío Gil Redondo


Medical specialist in dermatology. Rocío Gil Redondo has worked as a dermatologist in various hospitals. She distributes her time in outreach projects, including talks and conferences on health, skin care and wellness in schools and institutions.

About the author

Graduated in Medicine from the University of Alcalá (2014). She completed his training with a Master's degree in Integration and Resolution of Clinical Problems in Medicine (2015), a Master's degree in Dermatopathology and Clinical Correlation (2018) and a Master's degree in International Trichology and Hair Transplantation (2021), all of these from her alma mater.

She also has accreditation as a University Expert in Advanced Aesthetic Medical Trichology (2020). She completed her residency period in the Surgical Medical Clinical Dermatology and Vereology area of the University Hospital of Guadaralajara.

She has worked as a dermatologist in the Sanitas group in Madrid and in the Trichology Unit of the Pedro Jean Group from 2019 to the present. She currently collaborates with the Dermatology Unit of Hospital La Paz, based in Madrid.

In parallel with the above, she combines his time with speaking. She is a facilitator of talks, programs and conferences in schools and institutions. In the same way, she collaborates with digital media in the preparation of articles and curation of texts related to her academic field.

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