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Angie Paola Pardo Ramos


Physiotherapist with a focus on sports rehabilitation, orthopedics and alternative therapies. Angie Pardo works as a sports physiotherapist in multiple sports at a professional level, and her specialty is post-surgical recovery and encouraging injury prevention programs.

About the author

Graduated in physiotherapy from She obtained a diploma in cardiovascular rehabilitation (2019). Certification by HOA THIEN ECUADOR in Chinese Vietnamese Acupuncture Hoa Thien Duong style (2022), zonal acupuncture certification (2021) and Yamamoto acupuncture certification (2021).

She has worked as a physiotherapist in community care, has directed sports injury prevention programs for soccer players, and has taught alternative rehabilitation techniques (Cupping). Lecturer on "fair play", "postural alterations" and "functional bandages".

Her favorite hobbies are traveling and playing soccer.