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Alejandro Rodríguez


A psychologist specializing in social psychology and a couples coach. Alejandro Rodríguez is the creator and director of the personal development website Tu Mejor Mismo, and has worked as a contributor to several pages that fall under the spectrum of his training and work. He also has training in web development and digital marketing, and is the author of two books published through Amazon.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology with a specialty in Social Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid (2016). He has a Master's degree in Professional Coaching with a specialty in Couples and Relationships from his alma mater.

He is also the creator and director of the psychology website Tu Mejor Mismo and editor and editor of various pages oriented to this field, such as Psicología y Mente, Social Ability , Psicorumbo, Psicosurvivencia and La Mente es Maravillosa.

He currently works as a digital marketing specialist for the Fenix Agency and as a freelance web designer. Alejandro Rodríguez is the author of the book Learn hypnosis quickly and easily and the fantasy novel Chosen.