7 Pieces of Advice for Keeping a Clean House

· September 16, 2017
If you dedicate ten minutes every day to cleaning, you'll have a more organized house. Then, you won't have to put in extra effort to do general cleaning at the end of the week.

Do you find it difficult to keep a clean house?

You’re out all day long. Then, when you arrive home after work, your living room and kitchen are a disaster.

Things are thrown here and there, there are dirty clothes outside the hamper, you find dirty dishes from yesterday… but you just don’t have enough time or energy to do something about it. Worst of all, the problem gets worse every day.

In this article, we’ll give you some tricks to keep your house clean.

A clean house: mission impossible?

If you have children or  spend a lot of time at the office, it’s normal that your home isn’t very clean.

You arrive, put your bag down, take off your jacket, and leave your keys somewhere. Your children didn’t pick up their toys and your dishes spend hours in the sink.

Of course, no one likes to live like that. However, we don’t always have time to be in charge of organizing and cleaning our homes.

However, did you know that having an organized house just requires an initial effort and then a little commitment?

Try these easy tricks for keeping your house clean and organized:

1. Don’t let the mess spread

As they say, “chaos attracts more chaos“.

This means that if there are things thrown on the floor and other places in your room, this will almost magically “infect” other rooms.

Your mind works in an odd way. Instead of taking action and organizing things, it says “it’s already a mess over there… Why not here, too?”

However, if a room has everything put away in its place, your mind will want to repeat it in other rooms.

2. Use it and put it away

If you touch it, take care of it.

For instance, when you go shopping, take out all of the products from the bags and put them where they belong.

Fold the bags and store them in a container set aside for them.

  • When you finish eating, pick up the things from the table and put them directly in the dishwasher or wash them immediately.
  • If you’ve tried on a skirt that you don’t want to wear, put it in your dresser again.
  • When you run out of toilet paper in the bathroom, replace it. Do this with everything.

3. Don’t accumulate things

This trick can help you in any area of life. If you don’t use it, don’t keep it.

The fewer things you have at home, the easier it will be to keep everything organized. Minimalism or zen decorations are perfect for these cases.

Putting a table cloth on an empty table isn’t the same as a piece of furniture that’s filled with decorations, picture frames, decorative objects, etc.

If your room isn’t overcrowded with things, you’ll finish cleaning in a matter of minutes.

4. Set aside time to clean

If your cleaning day is Saturday or Sunday (like most people), you don’t want to spend a whole morning or afternoon scrubbing and organizing.

A good way to prevent this is to define the time that you need for each room. For instance, 15 minutes for the bathroom, 20 minutes for the kitchen, 15 minutes for the living room, etc.

You can even set an alarm. You’ll be more efficient and you’ll even enjoy a little exercise thanks to the deep clean.

5. Organize what you use first for a very clean house

Which rooms are “more visible”? Where do you spend most of your time?

Maybe it’s the living room or the kitchen. It could be your bedroom or the dining room. Start with them. Remember that if these rooms are organized, then you’ll have more energy for cleaning other rooms.

6. Have fun in the process

Who says that cleaning and organizing your house has to be boring and tedious? You can make it really fun with little things.

This could mean buying colored gloves or buying vintage containers. You can even innovate with home cleaning products. There’s a world of options.

Then, listen to your favorite music as you clean! You can create a list of songs to sing and dance to.

7. Come up with a cleaning and organizing plan

This is as simple as defining which chores to do each day of the week. If you do a little every day, then you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning on the weekend.

For instance, clean the kitchen Monday, sweep on Tuesday, take care of the bathroom on Wednesday, clean your room Thursday, wash your clothes Friday, do your ironing Saturday, and scrub your floors Sunday.

Include weekly and monthly chores, too. For instance: organize your garage, clean your fridge, or wash the windows.

More advice for keeping your house clean

The next list of tips can be a big help for your day-to-day life. If you want to keep your house clean and organized, do the following tricks:

  • Pick up everything when you arrive (coat, keys, bag)
  • Make your bed every day
  • Pick up your clothes before going to bed
  • Organize a cleaning and organization plan with your family
  • Take out the trash every day
  • Clean for 10 minutes every day.


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