Your 50s, a Great Age for Women

· August 10, 2016
Far from being traumatized by the passage of the years, your fifties should be the age at which you enjoy your maturity and the company of those around you

Our society, always looking for labels and stereotypes, often talks about the midlife crisis and the complex arrival of your 50s in women.

This is when you must confront and rethink many aspects of your life, especially with the onset of menopause.

Something we want to make clear from the beginning is that every age can be incredible, as long as your attitude is positive, brave, and enthusiastic.

Your 50s are a great age where many events occur.

That’s why, although it’s done with a bit of irony, many women see it as the adolescence of middle age, when you’re on a roller coaster of hormonal and personal changes that need to be experienced with a clear head and a heart full of dreams.

Your 50s aren’t the new 20s – wear your 50s with pride

“Forty is the new 20 and 50 is the new 25.” This is one of those phrases you might hear a lot, and then tend to be a little mistaken.

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  • Your fifties are not and will never be your 20s, because by this time you feel good about everything you’ve lived and learned. There’s no need to want to be in your 20s anymore, because now you’re equipped with the armor of experience.
  • At this age you are tough and beautiful, and you feel good about who you are.
  • Another aspect to consider is that once you reach this age, true happiness comes with acceptance.
  • You will care for yourself, dress well, and still be attractive, but there’s no need for a woman in her 50s to pretend to be 20.

Wanting or seeking that is only an extreme source of suffering.

2 oriental womanYour 50s and the house “of hormonal horrors”

Karen Glaser, a sociologist at the University of King’s College London (UK), explains in her research that an increasingly common phenomenon is taking place.

  • Women are having children at later and later ages. When a mother reaches her 50s, therefore, her kids are just becoming adolescents.
  • The process of menopause with all its changes, including discomfort, hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings, are exacerbated with their interactions with a teenager who is on the same hormonal roller coaster.

The effort to bring these two realities into harmony often involves experiences that are worthy of inclusion in a book.

Although every woman will go through this phase at some point, facing your 50s isn’t always a bed of roses.

This is when you experience a great drop in estrogen. Your skin begins to sag and lose elasticity, you may have hair loss, fatigue…all this appears.

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It’s a hard struggle to live through and to face each day.

So 50 is not the new 25. Mothers have to struggle with their children, meeting their needs and their own in turn.

In your 50s, doubts disappear and certainties will appear in your mind

Many women arrive at their 50s and undertake a complex and critical personal journey: divorce.

3 older woman

  • They start a new stage in solitude or in the company of their children, and this is more common in recent decades. It’s a complex reality because they may not have sufficient economic resources, but they still persevere.
  • In this age there is no doubt, only the clear certainty of who you are, what you want, and what you deserve. The armor of experience that we spoke of in the beginning is what finally fosters that feeling of security.
  • It’s time to trust your intuition, to undertake new personal projects that may or may not succeed, but you’ll always carry them out with the conviction that you’ll succeed.

At this age you live and reevaluate your own priorities

A few decades ago your partner and children came first, but now that you’re in your 50s, an important space for yourself begins to open.

Everything begins to rebalance in your mind and stronger self-esteem finally blooms with all the dreams that you still need to achieve.

Whatever your age, never forget that the best time for everything is always “now.”

Therefore, don’t hesitate to care for yourself, to support yourself, to fight for your dreams and needs while offering happiness to those around you, and receiving it in turn.