You’ll be Surprised by These 3 Benefits of Watermelon

January 12, 2019
Have you heard about the amazing benefits of watermelon? Learn more in this article!

There are some foods that are truly a gift of nature. Besides their delicious flavor, they’re good for our bodies with their incredible properties and their high nutritional value. Watermelon is in this category. Discover the benefits of watermelon in this article.Watermelon has a high content of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins A and C.  You will find it in juices and as an accompaniment to meals. It also contains licopine and beta carotene, two substances that help to prevent and treat cancer.

The more ripe it is, the more benefits there are for your health.  Ninety percent of a ripe watermelon consists of water. Because of this, it’s a fruit that is helpful in treating conditions such as severe dehydration, kidney problems and anemia.

In this article we offer 3 of the many benefits of this wonderful fruit.

Some of the incredible benefits of watermelon

1. It strengthens the heart

Strengthens the heart

Watermelon contains citrulline, which transforms into arginine.  These two amino  acids contribute to the state of the arteries, efficient blood flow, and general cardiovascular function.

Arginine and the citrulline are necessary for the production of nitric oxide.  This contributes to the elasticity of the arteries and of the blood vessels.

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2. It improves erectile dysfunction

Benefits of Watermelon

Even though it sounds surprising, watermelon has similar properties to those of blood vessels dilators These are used to treat blood vessel dysfunction.

However, the problem with watermelon is that there are no precise quantities one should use in order to improve this condition.

Nevertheless, this potential of watermelon is promising for those who try its effect on this dysfunction.

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3. It contributes great nutritional value

Watermelon is well known as a diuretic and for its ability to hydrate. However, little is known about it’s extraordinary nutritional value.

Besides its exquisite flavor, watermelon contains high quantities of multiple nutrients.  This gives it great nutritional value like few other fruits.

Just 100 g. of watermelon contains the following nutrients:

•  Carbohydrates  8 g.

•  Proteins  .6 g.

•  Fat  .2 g.

•  Calories 30 g.

•  Fiber .5 g.

•  Vitamin A  570 IU

•  Potassium  112 mg.

•  Magnesium  11 mg.

•  Iron  .2 mg.

•  Other vitamins: B1, B2, B3, and B6

•  Other minerals: manganese and phosphorous

This is not to mention that the quantities that we consume are much higher than this small portion.  This amount demonstrates the benefit that this exotic fruit is able to offer to our body. Because of this, watermelon is highly recommended and consumed by athletes, particularly high-performance athletes.

After learning the incredible benefits of watermelon, you’ll probably look at it differently. You’ll consume it realizing all of the benefits that it can offer you. The most important thing is that you’ll include it in your daily diet as a very beneficial food.