The Worst Storm Is the One that Forms In Our Mind

· July 3, 2017
The worst storm is not what really happens, but what we recreate in our mind. It's not about the situation itself, but how you interpret it.

The worst storm and worst case scenario can often torment our mind. This is when we dramatize and intensify our emotions.

Imagine that you’ve gone through a breakup. At the time, you went through a lot. You believed your world would come crashing down.

However, how do you view that situation now, after a few years? You notice that it wasn’t so bad and that you exaggerated it too much.

This is because the worst storm is not what really happens, but what we recreate in our mind.

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The worst storm we struggle to escape from


Why is it so easy to fall into this kind of vicious circle? Why do we always end up intensifying what actually happens, which makes us suffer so much more?

The answer is simple. We tend to torture ourselves and to take what happens to us out of proportion. In addition, we focus on the negative regarding what happens to us, what’ll happen next and what happened before.

This is how our thoughts spiral out of control and the most negative ones occupy a large part of our mind.

In all this, our emotions have much of the blame, but this is because we don’t know to control them correctly.

Instead of giving ourselves a break or trying to clear our mind, we let ourselves be led by what we feel and we unleash our imagination.


Let’s look at the example we gave at the beginning.

Imagine you went through a breakup again. In this situation, it’s possible that you may torture yourself thinking about the reasons why the relationship ended.

Your mind may focus on thinking about whether your partner cheated on you, or on doubts about the authenticity of the relationship, and a terrible fear of the future.

You ‘ll feel so much in that moment and live it so intensely that you’ll be afraid to be without your partner. You’ll be terrified to carry on your life without them by your side.

However, what you need to know is that sooner or later, all these thoughts will disappear and everything you thought about will become a distant memory.

See reality as it is


Our feelings and emotions cause us to not see reality as it is. In other words, we illogically cloud reality with our thoughts, fears, doubts and our ideas.

However, after time has elapsed, we have more space. This allows us to now see what happened from another perspective. At this moment we’re no longer distressed or sad. Annoyance and anger don’t consume us, and we can see things clearly.

This is what we would have needed at the time. Despite that, we chose to let ourselves be controlled and tormented to suffer more.

Life doesn’t end. We believe this when negativity appears and we hold onto it and catch it.

It’s normal for us to end up exhausting ourselves. That’s what bad emotions do. Not accepting and releasing them makes us become poisoned by them.

The importance of monitoring your thoughts


Worrying about what’s going on in your mind is extremely common. However, controlling your thoughts and knowing how to observe them to let them go will help you to be assertive and see solutions in the midst of chaos.

Let’s do a visualization exercise.

Imagine that the worst storm inside your head is like a very disorderly roomIf you don’t clean it up, what you do instead would be to move things from one place to another. Then, in the end, pulling things out of here and there will make the chaos become worse.

So what’s the solution? You should begin to organize everything, little by little. Put everything in its place.

It’ll be hard work, but we may even realize that there are some things that are occupying an unnecessary place. What if we throw them out?

This simple and practical visualization exercise will help you put all those frightening thoughts that go around in your mind in order.

It’s complicated, but with practice you can get very beneficial results.

Clear your mind, open your eyes and see reality as it is without adding anything to it. Don’t create a storm with your own imagination.