Words that Heal: Try Them!

It is important to say these words aloud in order to hear them ourselves. Thus, we will believe in them and become more aware of our powers.
Words that Heal: Try Them!

Last update: 09 March, 2019

They say that the power of words resides 50% in the person who utters them and the other half in the listener. However, in this article we do not want to talk about the communication we have with others. Nope. Today we want to show you some words that heal, five expressions that you can say to yourself in order to find strength each day, in order to feel motivated and be able to face those problems which, quite often, rob us of happiness and even health.

How about putting them in practice? These words that heal are very easy to remember!

Words That Heal

1. I’m fine


It’s possible that this appears contradictory. How can I say to myself “I’m fine” if it isn’t true? How can I express something positive when, in reality, I feel frustrated, stressed or in pain? Well, it is necessary that we add to this “I’m fine” the expression “and I can face it.”

  • Positive thoughts are basic and necessary for our daily life. Thinking positively is not negating our problems or overlooking our difficulties. It is simply a way to face reality with motivation and energy.
  • If I see things in a negative way and I reaffirm this with phrases like “I’m no good,” “I’m making my life impossible,” or similar thoughts, the only thing I gain is locking myself up with more suffering from these problems. Thus it is always better to take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I’m fine and I’m going to face this.”
  • Test it out. Say out loud a strong “I’m fine.” Say it with conviction and energy. Immediately, you will notice an interior force that will help give you the push necessary to resolve those problems. It could be that the things around you are not well, but you are now prepared to confront them. Why not try it?

2. I can do it

Woman who is scared

Never forget to put the pronoun “I” in front of this phrase. You are the one in charge of your life and you must take charge of your problems in order to face the world. If you do not find the motivation from inside, no one can help you find it, no one is going to help you as much as you yourself.

Do not center yourself on your limitations nor look for excuses: “I’m not going to be able to do this because it’s already too late to change things, there are others more capable that me, why risk myself?”…

Do not fall into these defeatist thoughts. Look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself that you have the power within you for this and for everything. The “I can” attitude is one of the phrases that can heal and one that we should all put into practice each day.

3. I deserve it

Couple saying words that heal

And why not? Why don’t you deserve a few hours each day for yourself, to enjoy your things, your hobbies and some privacy? Most likely you are one of those people that is always doing everything for everyone else, that puts the needs of others before your own. Be careful, in the end you could find that you have exhausted all your energy and then suddenly discovery that the others do not even remember each of the things you have done for them.

Keep balance in your life. Help others, care for them, but also let them care for you, recognize your efforts, and give you priority once in a while. And why not? You deserve it!

4. It will pass

Walking barefoot

It could be that right now you have a problem that does not allow you live life to the full, you obsess over the problem, it causes you great stress and it has already begun to make you sick. You have noticed that you are more tired and these negative thoughts do not leave your mind for even a moment… You have even begin to have migraines again!

Stop for a minute and think about these words that heal, breathe, sit down. It is important that you think about the fact that everything passes, that life is fluid and that nothing is permanent. The more that you are stuck to these things, the more you suffer. If something about your relationship with your partner is bothering you, talk to him or her. If there is something that is not going well in your workplace, try to resolve it, so that you do not “save it up.”  Do not keep everything trapped inside of you.

Life runs at a fast pace and the most important is to be aware of the here and now, understanding that nothing is forever. Thus, everything is relative, relax a little more and repeat to yourself these simple words that heal: “It will pass, everything will pass.”

5. Love!

Girl saying words that heal

Love heals, surrounds, protects and, at the same time, sets free. However, when using the word “love” as a means of healing we are not referring only to that which you dedicate to the people around you and that form part of your life.

We are also talking about love for yourself, that which will strengthen your self-esteem, that which impels you day after day to find a daily happiness with which you can feel good about yourself and which, without a doubt, you deserve. Love your body, love who you are, your character, your personality. When you have a problem, be aware that you are the person most capable and appropriate to find the solution. Have confidence in yourself because you love yourself, because you know yourself and you know that you have good qualities.

If a person does not love themselves, it is very difficult for them to offer love to others. Therefore, never forget these words that heal.

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