I Am A Woman Who Doesn’t Need to Prove Anything

· November 7, 2016
The time has come when we don't need to prove anything. The people who love us are going to be accepting of our virtues and flaws. They don't impede our happiness. 

We are sure that you too have become that brave and energetic woman. You have inner peace and now you do not need to prove anything to anyone. Now you know who you are.

You know all that you are worth.

It’s often said that kind people enter this world “to live” and “let live.” They do it without losing their identity. At the same time they allow others to be free in spirit, to be entitled to their rights, and to follow their own paths.

It’s not easy to be ourselves without fear of criticism. There are outside pressures, and we are afraid of being alone for having our own desires and our own voice.

We invite you to reflect on that in this article today. If you have not yet taken a step toward personal freedom, take the initiative to do it now.

It’s a change that is worth making, so spread your wings and be happy.

I know who I am and I know what I want. I don’t need to prove anything.

How many times have you cried silently for the times that you gave up on something?  There are the disappointments from people who told you they loved you, that you were everything for them, but at the same time they were hurting you.

  • Family or our partner can get us into extreme or difficult situations.

           The emotional pressure or the obligation to please others takes us farther away from who we are. It breaks down our self esteem.

  • When our self-esteem comes undone we lose everything. It’s like losing sight of the horizon, as if we stop recognizing ourselves. We forget what we really liked, what we valued.

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The moment will come when we tell ourselves “enough” and  “We’ve reached our limit.” There will be inner peace, we will become centered and find our balance.

Personal balance comes by putting aside the constant need to prove things.

We offer love without receiving anything and give a slight smile when what we feel is pain. We show that we are what everyone else expects us to be, when in reality we are exactly the opposite.


Love me for who I am. That is all that I ask of you.

Actually, if we could be able to define love in some way it would be the following: It is the search for an emotional connection with a person who allows us to maintain our identity.

It is to build a relationship that offers us security, happiness and personal growth.

  • Love should never obligate us to be someone we are not. A relationship is not sincere nor honest if you must fulfill every desire of the other person or if you must be solicitous. It is not honest and healthy if you are trapped in the person’s idea of a “woman”.
  • Mature and true love means we are loved for who we are and it strengthens our values, our dreams and our thoughts. There is no crossing boundaries, but a common area of respect and growth.

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If they don’t love you for who you are, for your opinions, for your virtues and your flaws, then you need to make a change.


I am in control of my life and of what I want. 

It’s possible that for a long time you have given in to the wishes of others and their various whims. The will of others was causing you to abandon completely from who you really are.

Although it is a fact that none of us will ever be truly free, something that we have a right to possess is inner peace.

We are now tired of “fitting in”. When we want to say “no”, we avoid confronting the issues hoping that it will resolve itself.

The day finally comes that we are simply tired. It is then that change comes and we say to ourselves, “enough pretending to be someone we are not.”

  • I am no longer going to be complacent when someone does something that bothers me. I  will not stay silent when I am angry or hurt, just to “fit in”.
  • No longer will I pretend that I am fine with everything.
  • I will not try to be the perfect woman, the perfect wife, or the perfect mother. I have the right to say, “Today I can’t do it. I’m taking a day for myself.  Today I need you to support me, just like I have always done for you”.
  • I am no longer going to appear happy to the world when I am feeling sad.

I have the right to take care of myself, to embrace my demons in order to understand them. Afterward I will feel strengthened from this process. When I feel it is necessary I am free to change who I am.

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You have the obligation as a woman to be yourself, without the requirement and the duty to make everyone happy when you are not.

You can and should say, “enough”.  Personal space and freedom to realize your dreams are what you deserve.