Why Make Yourself the Victim When You Are Actually the Protagonist?

Why Make Yourself the Victim When You Are Actually the Protagonist?

Last update: 14 December, 2018

When you realize that you’re the protagonist of your life, you’ll see that you can always find something positive in everything that happens to you, because you are the one who controls your reality

We get it; sometimes you think the world is against you. You feel like bad luck gets the best of you and nobody cares. However, you’re forgetting that you are the protagonist of your own life.

Acting like a victim can be a very comforting thing to do. Therefore putting yourself in the middle of the problem is something that you’ve probably learned how to do well. But with this attitude you’ll never be able to move forward.

You’ll stay there, in a comfort zone that does nothing but fuel your belief that you can’t do anything to change things. But listen: all you need to do is take a step forward and start walking. Despite all the fear and inertia keeping you still…

You are the protagonist and you decide how to live your life

A friend supporting another person, telling her she is the protagonist of her life.

Since you are the protagonist of your own life, you choose how you’ll live it. So when you make yourself a victim, you have to remember that it was your choice.

You’ve chosen the option that many people choose. Maybe it’s because when you make that choice, you get attention. People close to you will feel sorry for your situation.

What they won’t know is that you’ve chosen to feel sorry for yourself and complain and not move on from where you are. Although life is hard sometimes, you really can make the most out of every situation — but only if you want to.

In every negative situation there’s always an opportunity. At times, there might be an opportunity that you have to grab hold of. Other times, it might be an opportunity to learn to manage your emotions. Remember that you are the protagonist; you are designing the life you are living, so whether you want to or not, you are the one who creates it.

If you feel sorry for yourself after being fired, then that’s up to you. Each time you submit your resume, your lack of energy and pessimism will be obstacles in your path to a new job opportunity.

However, if you deal with it in a positive way, for example, by considering it as getting out of a job you didn’t like anyway, or as an opportunity to look for new companies that will allow you to grow, then your attitude will be very different from before.

Your attitude means everything. Changing your attitude can make you realize things that you never knew before. Things that were covered by a thick layer of fog.

Your attitude will attract the things you need

A woman praying in front of a rainbow.

If you have a positive attitude, you will attract positive things. Even if they take a while to appear. Even if you’ve lost hope, stay positive. Think about a situation where you’re in a relationship and your partner cheats on you. As a result, you end up putting everyone in the same category as that person, thinking that ultimately everyone will hurt you.

Complaining, generalizing and claiming that all those people are the same will make you repeat the same mistakes and will prevent new people coming into your life who you can actually start a loving relationship with.

On the other hand, if you stay positive, if you learn from what happened and refrain from repeating past mistakes, you will attract someone you really deserve when you least expect it. Because you are the protagonist of your life. Everything you think and believe will be manifested in the life you experience.

You are not a victim of circumstances

A happy woman and a sunflower.

Always remember that you are not a victim of circumstance. Not everything that happens to you is negative. What’s more, if you talk to and get to know other people, you’ll realize that many others are worse off than you are.

Bad luck isn’t wreaking havoc on you. Everything bad in the world is not happening to you. There are good and bad things in life. Do you know what the positive thing about most negative situations is? The lessons they teach us.

When everything is going well, we press the “autopilot” button. However, when everything goes wrong we look to see what we overlooked before. We focus on the present and we can take some time to reflect.

So, don’t feel victimized. Instead, find the good in everything that happens to you. After all, it’s true: you are the protagonist of your life and your life will unfold as you want to see it.

If you decide to play the victim, you will get thousands of opportunities to keep feeling like a victim. But if you choose to become what you are, the protagonist of your life, you will have so many opportunities to grow, learn and move forward despite all your problems.

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