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Why Does Our Eyebrow Hair Fall Out?

Your eyebrows serve an important aesthetic function, but they also help protect your eyes. So, why does our eyebrow hair fall out?
Why Does Our Eyebrow Hair Fall Out?

Last update: 17 October, 2021

Have you ever wondered, “why does our eyebrow hair fall out?”

Our eyebrows are located about 3/4 inches from our eyes. They help protect our eyes by keeping fluids like sweat and water from getting in them. Along with your eyelashes, they’re an effective way to keep harmful agents from getting into your eyes.

Over the years, we’ve seen different styles of eyelashes that are in style. At some points, it’s been in fashion to wear them very shaved or even completely gone. At other points, it’s been stylish to have them full and thick.

The truth is that the hair in this area can be affected by many processes and can fall out. When that happens, professionals call it superciliary madarosis. In this article, we’ll explain why our eyebrow hair may fall out. And, we’ll talk about how to fix this issue.

Why does our eyebrow hair fall out?

microblading eyebrows

Superciliary madarosis is the excessive loss of eyebrow hairs. Experts estimate that each person has around 400 or 500 follicles in their eyebrows. Also, it’s normal to lose around 300 eyebrows a year. However, if you’re experiencing excessive and frequent loss, then it’s classified as madarosis

Your genes will determine how much hair you have in your eyebrows. Just like with the rest of your body’s hair, many factors will influence its growth, like metabolism or nutrition.

Hair loss in this area may be due to a dermatological problem, like dermatitis or eczema. In fact, psoriasis is one of the main causes of this issue. It’s a chronic disease that consists of the appearance of scaly plaques on the skin. 

Any aggression, like a burn, wound, or scar, can cause hair to fall out and not grow in this area. Also, radiotherapy can commonly cause this issue if they apply it to this area.

In many cases, chemotherapy can also cause hair to weaken and fall out all over your body. In addition, we need to emphasize that anxiety or stress can cause hair loss.

What other diseases can cause it?

In ancient times, when there were no effective treatments for hypothyroidism, it was common to find people with this condition who barely had hair on their eyebrows. This disease is related to hair loss in this area.

Alopecia areata is another cause of this issue. This disease consists of hair falling out and bald spots forming. In addition, diseases like lupus, syphilis, or leprosy can cause it. 

How can you help your eyebrow hair grow?


Pluck your eyebrows to look good with no makeup

If your eyebrow hairs fall out, the most important thing to do is see a doctor or dermatologist. They will need to figure out the cause to decide the most effective treatment for you. 

First of all, certain medications can stimulate eyebrow hair growth, like minoxidil or prostaglandin analogs. Doctors most commonly prescribe these in cases of alopecia. 

On the other hand, many cosmetic treatments help to complement those therapies as you wait for results. For example, you can try micro-pigmentation or eyebrow tattooing. They will help fill in any areas where you’re still struggling with hair loss. 

In some cases, the professional may even perform eyebrow transplants. These consist of grafting hair from another part of the body in this area. It’s more complex, but it’s a permanent solution, especially if other treatments haven’t worked in the past. 

What you have to remember is that many factors can cause eyebrow hair loss. Therefore, it’s essential to go to a specialist since the cause could be some type of disease or infection.

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