How Should I Choose the Right Partner for Me?

Our right partner needs to be someone whose imperfections suit our imperfections, someone who complements our needs, whose gaps are filled by our own virtues.
How Should I Choose the Right Partner for Me?

Last update: 11 April, 2019

In love there are no magic recipes. None of us can choose the person we fall in love with; it just happens. But we must always maintain a certain balance and common sense. Knowing ourselves will help us understand the kind of person who can make us happy. So, who is the right partner for me?

What type of person is the right partner for me?

The right partner for me

Well, first we need to maintain logic and objectivity. We can’t spend a lifetime waiting for “the right person, that person we dream about and consider perfect.” The world is full of imperfect people who, together with each other, are actually perfect people who know how to build their own true happiness.

That is, it’s not about seeking the perfect partner but finding someone whose imperfections suit your imperfections; someone who complements your needs, someone whose gaps are filled by your virtues. It is easy to understand and is an adventure we all deserve to live: to build together, to grow and mature, to create a unique and special bond. But let’s see which dimensions can be the most suitable for us:

1. Are you an introvert?

They say that introverts need outgoing personalities. We tend to think in “heads or tails”. But we must be careful with these ideas. If you’re slightly introverted and shy, chances are you feel intimidated by an overtly outgoing, social and daring character. It won’t be comfortable. It is best to compromise; someone who is not extremely extroverted but balances our timidity, offers us more openness with respect and without restraint.

2. Are you a very restless, dynamic, extroverted person?

In these cases, and strange as it might seem, it is always appropriate to have someone who can join us in this dynamism in said activities. If you are the type who likes to go hiking, go out to dinner, hang out with a large group of friends and do a thousand things at once, problems will always arise, as well as some arguments, if we have a partner who is passive and would rather stay at home.

Our day to day will always be easier and more comforting if we are with someone who has the same concerns as we do, someone who likes to make plans and shows no reluctance when it comes to our desire to do things.

3. Are you somewhat insecure?

If you usually see yourself as a person who has trouble making decisions, who often has more questions than answers and who finds it a little difficult to start projects or make changes, then, ideally, you’ll find someone secure and nonchalant; a mature, self-confident person who never reaches the extremes of pride, arrogance and who doesn’t attempt to dominate others.

It would be appropriate to find a right partner with a quiet and rather paternal personality, a person who likes to offer protection and support, someone able to diminish your fears and help you feel sure of yourself, increasing your self-esteem; a mature and serious person.

4. Are you impulsive, a bit controlling, and do you value your autonomy more than anything?

There are many women who, above all, seek to have a partner without being “tied down”. This might seem almost incompatible with the idea of ​​having a companion and a commitment, but is an increasingly prominent reality: women who, more than anything, value being able to move up in their careers, have control over their things, their decisions, women who are sure of themselves.

In these cases, someone with a similar character would not be compatible. It could give rise to an intense but fleeting and non-lasting relationship.

Two personalities who like to control and have autonomy at the same time, don’t tend to last as a couple. Hence, the ideal would be to find a companion who is easy and quiet, a homebody who offers us complicity and supports us in each of our decisions, someone who respects our dynamism, our aspirations, someone who is, in essence, manageable and simple.

More than anything, the right partner for me makes me happy

The right partner for me shows love

We know that everything we discussed above is not readily available. Sometimes, we end up falling for someone who is completely different from us, someone who does not fit into our schemes. But do not worry, no matter how different they are, these three points are the most important:

  • Find a person who, although he has a different personality than yours, is able to respect you, to listen to you and assess both your weaknesses and your strengths.
  • Look for a partner who gives you a reason to smile every day. Someone who, when you wake up in the morning, makes you think, ” I want nothing more, I’m fine.
  • Stay with that partner until he makes you a better person. He should be someone you can live with and who makes difficulties feel “easy”; someone optimistic who, whatever his character might be,  compliments you  perfectly.

Repeat this every day: “I deserve to be with the right partner for me.”

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