Which Kind of Rice is Best for Your Figure?

Rice is one of the foods that causes doubts when dieting. Which kind of rice should you choose? We'll help you out.
Which Kind of Rice is Best for Your Figure?

Last update: 28 May, 2021

However, healthy eating trends and weight control goals make us ask ourselves, which variety of rice is the best for our figure? White or brown? Below, we’ll bust some rice myths and unveil the true answer.

Which one should we eat?

When it comes to rice, we’ve heard plenty of things. People have said that rice makes us gain weight and shouldn’t be included in diets. They also say that brown rice has more properties or that white rice doesn’t have any health benefits. How true are all of these statements?

Rice is a common grain in gastronomy. White and brown rice, although they look similar, have different nutritional values that are worth knowing.

We’ll especially want to know them if we need to lose or maintain weight. Which kind of rice is best for our waistline? The difference between them is how they’re processed; in other words, after their harvest. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each one.

Brown rice

kind of rice

Brown rice are whole grains of rice. So, they don’t undergo any sort of refining process and conserve their natural state.

When passing through the mill, brown rice retains its outer layer, which covers the grain, thus giving them a higher concentration of nutrients. Brown rice keeps its wheat germ and bran, which is why it has a higher fiber content than its white counterpart.

Some nutrients that brown rice conserves are:

  • Magnesium. This is an important mineral for our bones.
  • Selenium. A source of essential vitamins for our DNA as well as for thyroid gland regulation.
  • Manganese. A mineral that’s a power antioxidant. One cup of brown rice provides 88% of our body’s daily needs.
  • Its skin contains an significant amount of vitamin B1 or thiamine, which is involved in the metabolism of fats and proteins.

White rice

This grain variety has a more delicate and smooth texture. When passing through the mill, white rice loses its bran and wheat germ. As a result, it loses a big percentage of its natural nutrients, including zinc, magnesium, and selenium.

Though a small portion of said nutrients are left behind, the quantities are much lower than those of brown rice. Because the process removes these components, produces often enrich white rice with B group vitamins and iron.

Calories and nutrients in both rice cases

Calories and nutrients in both rice cases

When trying to lose weight, if we compare their nutrition facts, we’ll notice that there isn’t a big difference between white and brown rice.

To give an example, 100 grams of each product has a similar amount of calories, 361 in white and 345 in brown. Their fat contents aren’t that different, and white rice actually has less fat than brown rice does. In the case of carbohydrates, we won’t notice a huge difference there either. Though brown rice does have slightly less than white rice.

However, we will notice a difference in their fiber content. Brown rice provides much more than white rice. One cup of brown rice covers at least 15% of the daily recommend amount of fiber.

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The importance of fiber

When we’re trying to maintain or lose weight, fiber-filled foods can be a big help. Why is that?

First off, fiber-rich foods provide the stomach with extra volum and help us feel fuller. Feeling full prevents us from snacking in addition to keeping us satisfied for longer periods of time and helping us to control cravings.

They’re highly recommendable for people who are looking to lose weight. Furthermore, fiber regulates digestion, which helps cleanse the body and keep it running smoothly.

The best kind of rice

The best kind of rice

Both varieties of rice has similar caloric, carbohydrate and fat values. However, which is better for you?

Because the grain–the wheat germ and bran– is intact, brown rice boasts more nutrients. Among those nutrients, we can find fiber, which we need to feel fuller for longer as well as to control cravings between meals.

In addition, brown rice has selenium, manganese, magnesium, and loads of healthy antioxidants.

Sure, white and brown rice are similar. However, the factor that makes brown rice the better choice for weight loss is its fiber. Fiber keeps us from snacking in between meals.

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