Which Foods Should You Avoid Eating at Night?

It's important to avoid heavy foods if you want to get a good night's sleep. If you don't, you'll overload your stomach and take a long time to digest all the food.
Which Foods Should You Avoid Eating at Night?

Last update: 06 April, 2020

Many times when it comes time to sleep, we want to eat. One of the most damaging mistakes for your health is eating a lot of food before going to bed, and not determining which foods to avoid eating at night, since some foods are much more harmful due to a prolonged period of digestion.

This situation can provoke general discomfort and insomnia. Due to this, eating a light dinner full of carbohydrates and proteins will satisfy you enough to get enough sleep in during the night.

Eating at night: good or bad?

Many times, our work and personal lives conspire to make dinner the only time when the whole family is together. During the day, you probably eat some snacks and wait anxiously for the moment you arrive home for your big meal of the day, which is usually at night.

However, this can cause secondary effects that can prevent you from getting enough sleep. Among other things, heavy, slow digestion can complicate things from the moment you lay down. Indigestion can last until the next day, and when you get up you won’t have enough energy to take on your daily tasks.

Which foods to avoid eating at night?

Fast food you should avoid eating at night.
A light dinner without overloading your stomach is the best way to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Although it’s difficult to completely control what you eat when you’re out of the house, you can take advantage of dinners to take care of your diet and health. To do this, we recommend you avoid the following foods at dinner:

Fast food

It isn’t good to eat it at any time of the day, but at night so-called fast food only gives your body refined sugars and fast-absorbing carbohydrates that will overload your stomach and keep you from digesting them properly.

Additionally, don’t forget that foods like that, although they satisfy your hunger, they don’t provide all the nutrients your body needs to stay balanced. Therefore, try to avoid foods like pizza, french fries, or hamburgers.

Simple sugars

As mentioned before, simple and refined sugars cause a dense, but quick absorption in your digestive system. This causes a sharp peak in blood sugar, which can promote heart disease and digestive problems. In contrast, complex sugars contained in grains and vegetables keep you satisfied during long periods of rest.

Red meats

Red meats are difficult to digest foods because they contain a large quantity of saturated fat, and high levels of sodium and proteins, all of this combined assures a prolonged and uncomfortable digestion. The better option is to choose lighter meats that are low in fat, help you stay full, and are beneficial for your health.

Spicy foods

Hot peppers.
Spicy food will cause extra acidity and reflux, which is why you should avoid them before bed.

If you have a sensitive digestive system, spicy food can cause inflammation and irritation during digestion, causing annoyances like gas and reflux. This is especially true if just after dinner you go to sleep in a horizontal position. Because of this, hot peppers and their derivatives are foods you should definitely avoid eating at night.

Sweet cereals

Sweet cereals cause the same problems for your digestion as any other sweet, even more if it’s an artificial or refined sweet, since those acidify your stomach, causing the nutrients to degrade and provoking high stomach acidity.

Additionally, the refined sugar in sweet cereals doesn’t just fail to provide nutrients, but also, for digestion your body needs to expend calcium and vitamins of the B group.


Caffeine is found in products like coffee and tea. As it’s well known, the main function of caffeine is to keep you awake and alert, which keeps you from sleeping as you should at night.

Another recommendation is to avoid large dishes or seconds, it’s better to eat due to necessity and not anxiety, leaving the larger meals for breakfast and lunch. Remember the phrase “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar”.

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