What's The Best Sport for Your Personality?

You can choose a sport according to your lifestyle and personality that can adapt to your needs and fit in your schedule.
What's The Best Sport for Your Personality?

Last update: 09 November, 2018

Did you know that not all exercise types are recommended for everyone? You can determine what the best sport is for your personality depending on your daily routine, activity and energy levels.

In this article, discover which physical activity you can do to improve your quality of life.

Finding the best sport for your personality

Sports are essential if you’re looking to stay in shape, prevent health problems, and reach a healthy weight. You should exercise two to three times a week and combine different kinds, if possible.

However, if you’d like to get the most out of it while staying motivated and without torturing yourself, you should find the sport that best suits you.

The key is your personality.

However, there are other factors at play like the dynamics of your day, the kind of work you do, your energy levels, if you’re overweight or prone to injuries or discomfort, etc.

Let’s take a look!

1. Self-demanding

Best Sport for Your Personality

The first profile is of someone who is self-demanding, very ambitious and seeks results in whatever they put their mind to. The good part is that they’re determined and go all out.

Nevertheless, they’re too hard on themselves, don’t let go of mistakes, and tend to have health problems. The most common issues are muscle cramps and stiffness.

The best sport for these individuals should help them relax and encourage physical and mental flexibility.

Yoga is a good option, provided that it’s not a way to be even more self-demanding. What’s more, it can be combined with stretching exercises at least once a week.

2. Sluggish or tired

There are those who want to exercise but don’t have the energy. They might start enthusiastically but give up after a few sessions. Sluggishness and lack of motivation tend to make these individuals give up on their exercise routine.

If you fit into this category, we recommend starting with interval sessions.

  • This involves doing high-intensity exercise for short bursts and alternating with short breaks.
  • This way, you’ll boost your metabolism, increase your energy, burn fat, and tone your muscles.
  • You can increase the time and intensity of your sessions little by little. You’ll get great results if you choose this method.

3. Nervous


Nervous people can find a healthy balance between sports that help them to relax and those that help them concentrate.

One such sport is Tai Chi, a Chinese technique involving coordinated and rhythmic movements whose aim is to gain inner peace and liberate energy.

Millions of people across the globe, men and women alike, practice tai chi.

4. Stressed out

Those who are going through a stressful period can seek out a sport that can help reduce their stress levels and avoid becoming ill.

A good option is swimming, which is physically and mentally relaxing thanks to the healing power of water. When we float or are below water, our worries seem lighter and farther away.

It’s also recommended to choose sports that let you reconnect with nature. For example, hiking or swimming in a river or at the beach are all great.

You can also combine it with family time, hobbies, walking barefoot, and enjoying your free time.

5. Very active

Very active

When someone is very active without being overly nervous or stressed, they can choose a cardiovascular activity.

Exercises like dancing or aerobics are activities you can enjoy while you burn calories, boost your metabolism, and improve your nighttime rest.

Today, there are many cardiovascular exercises that can be adapted to a person’s needs and tastes. They can also be chosen according to whether they help with muscle toning, coordination, etc.

6. Aggressive

Individuals with a strong disposition or who tend to be aggressive like adolescents with behavioral issues can escape their problems through martial arts.

These ancient techniques combine methods of fighting and self-defense while bolstering mental health. These individuals should be self-confident, with the cleverness and intelligence to know how to use their strength.

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