What to Do When You Have Trust Issues

07 March, 2019
We all, at some point during our lives, are invaded by all sorts of fears. Continue reading to find out more about trust issues.

Mutual security is the fundamental basis of a solid romantic relationship, but in some cases, this trust isn’t always there. In this article, we’ll discuss trust issues in some depth.

It’s not easy for any of the members of a couple to have a relationship in which there are trust issues, neither for the person who’s insecure nor for the one who brings out such feelings of insecurity.

Distrust is a huge problem that affects a large number of couples and it can lead to an unfortunate break up. However, it’s often possible to solve this issue and here we’ll give you some tips to try to do so.

Causes of Trust Issues in Couples

Suspicious minds.

Most people spend most of their time sharing things with that special person we love, but why is there distrust in a relationship? The causes are many and depend on various factors.

Here are the main ones:

1. Infidelity

When one of the members of a couple has a romance with a third person, even if the situation seems to be resolved, there are sometimes remnants of unhealed wounds that can bring out trust issues.

2. Personal Insecurity

An insecure person unconsciously believes that they’re not worthy of love. This feeling of being “less than” could manifest in the form of jealousy and an overall lack of trust in their relationship.

3. Monotony

Love goes through different phases. The initial falling in love stage and the intensity of the passion goes away as time goes by; thus, the relationship may fall into a routine and a perceived, or real, lack of interest in the other partner, who may believe that love is gone and so their trust issues are born.

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4. Sexual Problems

Sex is fundamental in a relationship, so if problems arise in that area, it may be interpreted as a lack of love. For example, erectile dysfunction is often the result of stress and other factors, but women are sometimes convinced that a third person is in the picture.

5. Lack of Commitment

The fact that one of the members of the couple is an immature person and shows little commitment in strengthening the relationship, and doesn’t adapt their behavior to the changes that coexistence may involve are all frequent causes of insecurity.

The Consequences of Trust Issues

Sad couple.

Lack of trust in a couple can lead to major problems such as the ending of a relationship if corrective actions aren’t taken in time.

Among the consequences that this situation may bring are:

  • A resentment that leads to harassment towards a partner
  • Lack of respect
  • Aggressiveness
  • Hostile environment
  • Emotional tiredness of the person who distrusts
  • Depression of the person who distrusts
  • Communication problems
  • A breakup.

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What to Do

Trust within a couple is a process that must be constantly reinforced if you want to have a stable and lasting relationship.

The first thing to do is to increase healthy communication. Talking about and solving problems together and remembering that both are part of the same, great team, is essential. Look for ways in which each one of you can contribute in accordance with your limitations.

If there are wounds from the past that are still open, it’s important to work on forgiveness. Forgiveness with resentments and doubts isn’t real. If necessary, a couple should go to a couples counselor and follow some form of therapy that may allow them to reach safer ground.

It may be that the person who mistrusts another also requires involvement in activities that’ll help them regain their self-confidence and improve their self-esteem. In this case, they must reflect on their own and build self-knowledge. Visiting a counselor or a therapist for this is also a helpful measure, and it’s essential to have support from a partner in order to improve those areas.

The first lesson we must learn is that trust issues in a couple hinder the development of the relationship. Furthermore, commitment, security, and sincerity are fundamental to strengthen your bond and overcome the situation. That way, you can avoid a regrettable breakup.