What Must Be, Will Be, in its Own Time and Moment

January 13, 2019
Growing is learning, and especially being open to the opportunities that arise.  Let's take a look at it.

There is a right time for everything, which is why you shouldn’t rush or stress yourself to achieve it. If you’re patient, what must be, will be.

What is meant to happen – what must be – will happen, in its own time and moment.

The only thing you need is a bit of patience and, most of all, the clear will to continue building your present, every day, to reach your goal.

There are a lot of things that you can take away from this popular phrase. First of all, forcing things to happen before their due time doesn’t always bring good results.

Second, people need to be able to accept life’s cycles and life’s moments. No one can aspire to have the perfect relationship, if they haven’t first learned to love themselves.

It’s normal to go through periods of self-discovery after failed relationships. This will slowly bring you closer to being who you truly are.

What Must Be Will Happen in its Own Time

Just when you least expect it, everything ends up going well. When this happens, it’s not always due to the famous “law of attraction,” because most of the time, just wanting something badly enough isn’t enough to actually make it happen.

Sometimes good things just happen, but the rest of the time, good things happen because it’s the right time and most of all, because you yourself have allowed it to happen. In due time, you will reap the fruits of your efforts.

what must be

The Magic of Opportunity

You need to know how to recognize magic, because this will open a path right in front of your eyes at just the right time. You simply need to know how to perceive it.

Let’s look at an example.  You’ve studied a specific trade, you’ve spent time studying, learning, and acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.

Shortly after, a new job field in the job market appears. It’s innovative and, although it somewhat fits into your education, you’re slightly afraid, because you don’t know if you’ll be qualified or not.

Only those that know how to see the opportunity, and that dare to take the step, will take advantage of this in just the right time. They’ll do so not too early, not too late, but precisely at the right moment.

If you don’t step forward, you might never again see the perfect situation again.

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You Can Encourage What’s Meant to Be

Opportunities don’t generally knock at your door and introduce themselves a great opportunity. However, standing still doesn’t attract opportunity, nor does simply wanting something that was dreamed up in the mind.

“What must be” always requires effort on your part.

We are all creators. We are capable of changing our reality and fostering opportunities any time we set out to.

Some things happen because it’s the right time. However, if you never muster the will, strength, or dedication, you likely will never see what you want.

what must be

The Need to Keep an Open Mind to What Must Be

An open mind not only dreams by sending desires into the great abyss. An open mind also has concrete characteristics:

  • It’s aware of its needs.
  • An open mind is connected to itself, understands itself, and has good self-esteem that sets limits for things it doesn’t want, and extends its arms for things it does.
  • It is observant. It listens to things around it, chooses what helps it grow, and continues moving forward.
  • An open, receptive mind knows how to take advantage of the moment. It puts its energy and knowledge to use at just the right time, when the opportunity arises.

The Need to be Patient

People who move too quickly put themselves at risk without weighing the dangers ahead. They lack patience, which generally leads to disappointment.

A lot of times people tell us to “know when to play it risky, to be bold and get out of your comfort zone.”  However, in order to take this step, you first must be prepared.

Without good self-esteem, you cannot expect to find happiness in a relationship, for example. You’ll always be dependent on what the other person does, or doesn’t do, in order to feel good.

You also shouldn’t strive toward a certain job if you first haven’t acquired the necessary knowledge. If you’re rejected, it’s because you should have been. That’s why you need to be patient and first invest time in yourself, in personal maturity, and in practical abilities and knowledge.

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what must be

In conclusion, we all know that sometimes it’s easy to grow tired of waiting for good things, for things that must be, and for things you deserve.

Until that happens, don’t forget to trust in yourself, keep up the good fight, and be open to things that will someday, finally happen.

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