What Do Men Look for in a Woman?

July 12, 2014
For the majority of men, the ideal woman should be educated, have goals in life, and be self-confident and independent.

People often claim that men are only drawn to women for their physical appearance, but in reality, it’s not that simple. Here, we’re going to show you the real answers to the big question: What do men look for in a woman?

A man’s taste in women will obviously depend on his personality, age, education, among other factors. Therefore, it’s not possible to make blanket statements about what every man wants. However, over several years, we’ve seen that there are certain values that most men look for in a woman aside from the visual.

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Are you a woman who would like to know what men like because you are interested in one in particular? Are you a man who would like to see how your desires match up against those of others?

No matter what gender you are, in this article we’re going to take a good look at the different parts of a woman’s personality that men tend to like. This will clarify some of the common misconceptions about male attraction.

So what do men look for in a woman? Is it all physical appearance?

We’ll start off with the most controversial point. Certainly the women reading this will have heard, and maybe even believe, that “men only care about physical appearance” and “men only want women who are thin and beautiful”.

Well, certainly, if a man is looking only for a fling or a one-night stand, he might be looking fundamentally for someone who appeals to him physically. However, if a man really wants something more with a woman, or is looking to settle down, he’ll start to focus on other aspects.

So what do men look for in a woman from the beginning? Does this mean that a man doesn’t focus at all on physical appearance when looking for a serious relationship? Well, yes and no. It’s a little more complicated, because if a man doesn’t think of a woman as attractive when he meets her, he could lose interest quickly.

That is, physical appearance is important when trying to attract a man, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of the issue. What’s more, a good deal of men don’t like women who are “divas“, and only want to draw attention to themselves with their bodies, because this is quite often seen as being empty-headed and shallow.

Among the feminine body parts that men tend to focus on more often are breasts, legs, the butt, eyes, and her smile. It’s not only a question of size or shapeliness, but how well these parts work together to present a whole.

Independence and self-reliance

What do men look for in a woman in terms of personality? Once you’ve made first contact with each other, the man starts to focus on things other than physical appearance.

During this period, a man will start to think about whether he will always have to be the protector, the one who carries the majority of the relationship, or the one who always has to take initiative.

For this reason, men tend to look for women who are sure of themselves, who have some sort of professional success or at least ambition, and above all, women who are independent, both economically and emotionally.

A man will like a woman who has a steady job, who has goals in her life that she wishes to accomplish, and who has drive. If you want to attract him, you should make it clear that you don’t depend on anybody else or that you don’t need someone to take care of you.

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Cultured and a good conversational partner

Imagine that at this point the man has decided that he is attracted to a woman, and so he decides that he wants to get to know her better. Well, how is he going to do this if they can’t have a good conversation? What do men look for in a woman in terms of conversational ability?

Men tend to like women who can hold their own in a conversation about politics, religion, world matters, sports . . . if a woman can talk upon a diverse range of subjects, it shows that she is a cultured and educated woman who has her own opinions.

Likewise, during the conversation, men like it when women listen, are receptive, and are respectful of their opinions, even if they don’t necessarily agree. This will show a man that you respect him as a conversational and emotional partner.

With a strong character, but also kind

As we explained above, men like it when women are independent, because it means they won’t have to support them on their own all the time. By the same token, men like women who have strong personal convictions, who don’t just always agree with the man and do whatever he wants. Be someone with whom they can share opinions and feelings. Play the role of a partner instead of a follower.

Does this mean that you always have to be tough, strong, and uncaring? Well, not quite.

During intimate moments (not just sexually, but also emotionally), it’s good to show that although you are a strong woman with strong convictions, you can also be kind and caring, attentive to others’ needs, but still fully aware of your own. Doing this will show a man that you are not only strong, but also sweet.

Certainly, these are the aspects that make most modern men feel attracted. Of course, some of these might change depending on the taste of each individual man. For some, the exact opposite of what this article covers may be more attractive, in fact.

If you’re a man, perhaps you can answer the question “what do men look for in a woman?” from your own perspective. Do you like women as we’ve described, or do you prefer something else?

For the woman out there: are you willing to change, or are there some things that you feel too strongly about? (Both options are fine, by the way.) Think about you and what you might want in a man or woman, but don’t forget to consider what you might want a man or a woman to find attractive in you.

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