7 Weight Loss Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

· December 22, 2017
When we want to lose weight, it's important to understand that a healthy diet is not temporary. Rather, it's a permanent lifestyle habit. 

When it comes to losing weight, our diet is one of the most important aspects. And we’re all guilty of makes a few common weight loss mistakes.

Although it is necessary to complement a deit with an exercise routine and other healthy habits, the diet plays an irreplaceable role.

A healthy and balanced diet enables us to lose excess weight. And, above all, it helps to stabilize our weight to maintain a healthy body.

The problem is that, with the aim of losing weight, some people make weight loss mistakes that become an obstacle to reaching this goal.

The most worrying thing is that many people are carrying out diet plans based on false beliefs and as a consequence are suffering from several health problems.

For this reason, it is essential to recognize a few common weight loss mistakes and to understand that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

Pay attention!

1. Skipping meals

naked person with a plate and tomato

Hundreds of people think that they can lose weight if they save a few calories by skipping one of their main meals.

But, n reality, this practice has counterproductive effects that prevent us from losing those excess kilos.

  • Firstly, the body detects this as “scarcity” and activates the hormones that make us store energy reserves in the form of fat.
  • This slows down the metabolic functions and so reduces the number of calories we burn.
  • Also, it is highly probably that we will experience greater food anxiety over the following hours.

2. Adopting miracle diets

The popular, so-called “miracle” diets are those which promise surprising results in just a few days or a couple of weeks.

They are extremely low calorie dietary plans that, in most cases, lack essential nutrients. So, this is one of several major weight loss mistakes that you’ll want to avoid. Here’s why:

  • While it is true that they help to lose weight fast, they cause deficiencies that put our health at risk.
  • In the medium and long term they cause metabolic disorders that make us quickly regain the weight we’ve lost.
  • The miracle diets cause weakness and fatigue, interrupting our daily activities.
  • They cause a reduction in muscle mass which, as if this weren’t enough, affects bone health.

3. Poor choices of smoothies

berry smoothie for weight loss mistakes

Smoothies and natural juices are considered a great complement for losing weight in a healthy way, without going hungry.

However, some combinations of ingredients make drinks with too many calories, which prevents us from achieving the desired results of the diet.

  • It is important to make healthy choices, preferably made with fruits and vegetables that are low in calories.
  • Avoid options made with yogurt or whole milk.
  • Don’t sweeten them with sugars or syrups.
  • Don’t add whipped cream or anything similar.

4. Obsessing over calories

It is true that a healthy dietary plan should have a moderate level of calories in order to reduce excess kilos.

However, it isn’t about obsessing over counting calories. In fact, it is important to prioritize the nutritional quality of each food.

Considering this, it is essential for our diet to include the following:

  • High quality protein
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Dietary fiber
  • Vitamins and minerals

5. Choosing unhealthy sides

unhealthy side dips and dressings for weight loss mistakes

Another common mistake among those trying to lose weight is to reduce the properties of healthy meals by adding sides filled with calories and added substances.

It’s no use preparing a delicious salad with fresh vegetables if you’re going to cover it with a dressing full of fat or refined sugar.

  • While we know that they improve the flavor a lot, it’s best to limit our intake.
  • Choose homemade dressings made with olive oil, lemon and fine herbs.

6. Consuming too many “low-calorie” products

Thanks to the food industry’s many advertisements, many people believe that the best option for a diet is to choose products with “low-calorie” labels.

While many of these foods are lower in calories when compared with their usual versions, this doesn’t mean that they are healthier. What’s more, they can even make you gain weight.

  • It is essential to bear in mind that they also contain carbohydrates, fats and many additives that are not good for the body.
  • Although some can complement our diet, they should not be the basis of a diet, nor should they be eaten in excess.

7. Lack of consistency

woman eating crackers in front of the fridge as a midnight snack

Be very careful! This is one of the main weight loss mistakes.

Lack of consistency with healthy eating is the reason that many people have trouble maintaining a healthy weight.

  • It’s no good eating healthily and losing weight if we then regain it by going back to old eating habits.
  • And, it is important to keep up our willpower and discipline to eat healthily as part of our lifestyle.
  • We shouldn’t change our diet just for a spell of time: it is permanent.

Do you make any of these weight loss mistakes? If so, or if you’re struggling to lose weight, try to pay attention to the recommendations in each case. And, look out for signs of what could be preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals.